Fishing Trips in Uganda

Fishing trips in Uganda is one of the many adventurous activities in Uganda that a traveller on a Uganda safari tour can enjoy. Uganda is an ideal sport fishing destination, not with almost one third of the country being covered by water bodies. With this fact in hand, it makes Uganda a great destination choice for those travellers after sport fishing. Some of Uganda’s water bodies include the River Nile, and the largest fresh water lake in Africa, Lake Victoria. 

Fishing Trips in Uganda

Fishing trips in Uganda are carried out on River Nile in Murchison Falls National Park and on Lake Victoria in Entebbe. The most common types of fish caught while on fishing trips in Uganda include tilapia and Nile perch, Catfish, Tiger fish, Ngara fish, ferocious fighter among others. Usually, Nile Perch of over 100kgs or so are can be caught, or even catfish of over 50kgs.

Sportfishing in Murchison Falls National Park

One of the most common destination for fishing trips in Uganda is Murchison Falls National Park. Sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park requires some level of expertise for the safety of the fishers as well as helpers during the sport fishing safari. It is recommended to have an experienced fishing guide during your fishing safari, who shall ensure that you do have a smooth sport fishing experience.

Sport Fishing in Lake Victoria

Getting to fishing areas in Uganda

If you are on a fishing safari in Uganda, your tour operator should surely have had your travel arrangements made already. For the purposes of knowing though, getting to fishing areas in Uganda is not so hard. Murchison Falls National Park for example is only 6 hours away from Kampala, and with the roads being in a good condition, you should be there in a short while if there isn’t much traffic in Kampala. Travellers are however advised to be sure to use 4WD vehicles for their fishing trips in Uganda, in Murchison falls National Park particularly. Alternatively, there are charter flights available from Entebbe or Kajjansi to Murchison Falls National Park, with Aerolink operating a number of scheduled flights per week. Booking in advance and having the minimum luggage weight should be considered.

Best time for fishing trips in Uganda

The best time for fishing trips in Uganda usually varies especially in Murchison Falls National park. Generally though, the best time for fishing trips in Uganda is during the dry season for the results are usually positive. During the wet months however it is not recommended to go for fishing trips in Uganda for thunderstorms occur randomly. The beginning of the months of April and May are best to be avoided.

How is fishing in Murchison Falls National Park done?

In Murchison Falls National Park particularly, sport fishing is done in the area down the base of the waterfalls. Fishing in Murchison Falls National Park is done either from the rocks on the bank of the River Nile delta or below the water falls in the pools while on a boat.

How is fishing done on Lake Victoria?

Fishing on Lake Victoria is done either on boats or also on the shores, depending on the type of fish and size one wants to catch during the sportfishing trip. 

What methods of fishing are used during fishing trips in Uganda?

Live bait/Casting lures

Live bait/casting lures is a fishing method usually used to catch Nile perch and a number of other various fish species of Catfish. Smaller species like tiger fish caught by spinning are used as live bait. A rod between 3-2.4m with a fixed spool or multiplier reel is recommended. 


Reels are used to catch Nile perch and catfish with reels fixed spool or multiplier of about with 17kgs is good enough, depends greatly though on the one’s preference and skill with the use of the multiplier.

Minimum and maximum number of anglers on a boat during a fishing trip in Uganda

The minimum number of anglers is one with a maximum of 4 anglers to fish on a single fishing boat. The recommended number is however 2 anglers.

What to pack for fishing trips in Uganda

All the necessary fishing supplies should be brought along given that there are no shops in national parks that you may buy whatever it is that you may need for your fishing trip in Uganda. Items like sun tan lotion, medications, spare batteries for your cameras, mosquito spray or repellent cream, hat, sunglasses, hiking boots, lightweight clothes with light colour that tsetse flies are not easily attracted especially in Murchison Falls National Park are advised to be carried, as well as rain jacket and a sweater for the rainy and cold days or nights should be carried. All items of personal nature including toiletries shouldn’t be forgotten on your list.

Fishing trips in Uganda are an adventurous activity that all those travellers after a thrill should do take part in. the risks involved are not so much, for as long as anglers avoid putting their feet and hands out of the boat on the waters for the River Nile hosts Nile crocodiles and hippos especially for those travellers sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park. Other activities like game drives, walking safaris or even gorilla trekking can be incorporated on your fishing trip in Uganda. Book a sport fishing trip in Uganda and get to catch some of the largest and heaviest fish you’ve ever seen.

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