Getting Around in Uganda ; Uganda a beautiful destination which can be toured or hassle free way to travel around Uganda once called the Pearl of Africa, which can be accessed by flight ‘’Aerolink Uganda’’ that flies to Uganda’s most visited Uganda National Parks ‘five in number’, you can also get around Uganda by Eagle Air that offers scheduled flights to six towns across Uganda and also operates private charter flights whereas Fly Uganda that offers private charter.

Getting around in Uganda

One of the best way of getting or tour Uganda individually is by hiring your own car with good comfortable seats and 4×4 wheel drive highly recommended, because some roads are not in good condition and are often extremely bumpy and potholed and most of the roads to national parks are only suitable for 4×4 wheel drive.  Although driving, on rough Ugandan roads is not for the feint hearted and if it is your first time to visit Africa within much experience of driving in Africa, it might be a difficult drive for you and the better way is to hire an African driver for your trip.

By Air

You can fly Uganda through visiting ‘’’’, Eagle Air ‘’’’ and Aerolink ‘’’’ offer both scheduled and charter internal flights.

Getting Around in Uganda
Getting to Uganda Air

By Road

You can get around Uganda by domestic bus travel which is cheap but note departures aren’t always on schedule.  There are two classes of bus travel ‘’matatu which travels mixed routes   as well as travel by buses. Other options are hiring a private car with a driver.

Note; Always keep vehicle doors locked and valuables out of sight just to be on safe side.

Car Hire

You can hire an international hire companies which are located near Entebbe International Airport and the Centre of Kampala. Though a 4×4 wheel drive is recommended for rural areas.

Regulations –Car Drive

There must be a speed limit of 50kph in built up area ,80kph outside built up area and 100kph on highways. Also drivers must give way to traffic on their right when at intersections.


 You can use a bite through cycling around the City tourist’s sites, Uganda’s many roads are dusty since some are under construction and motor vehicle rarely permits cyclists room. Endeavor, to wear a helmet and use rear view mirrors. Well cycling at night is not good.


In Uganda, there are no passenger services other than a Kampala visit Namanve Commuter Service which was published at the end of 2015.

Water transport

You can travel by water transport to get around Uganda’s beautiful Islands, a passenger ferry links Nakiwogo Dock in Entebbe to Lutoboka on Buggala in the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria. Then from there you can get a free vehicle ferry which runs from Bukakata in 40kilometers east of Masaka to Buggala. The Lake taxis will also link to some of the other island. A visit to Ssese you will have a great chance of walking tours, birdwatching and beach activities, Getting Around in Uganda.

You can enjoy stunning boat trip from Paraa to the base of Murchison falls and Kayak and raft at Bujagali falls near Jinja.

 Water note; Never allow the boat you have used to be overloaded, overloading of the boat in Uganda have caused several accidents mostly during rainy season that brings high wind and storms thus causing life to death.

Then getting around Uganda’s capital Kampala is also easy to visitors who visits to Kampala may be on Kampala City Tour, however there are very few options of getting around with limited ground transportation mainly travel by Car, Bus or Taxis. Or even travel by motorbike taxis which are locally known as boda-boda which is easiest way to access around Kampala’s tourist sites or tour around. Note sometime getting to around Kampala may seem to be difficult in increasingly congested traffic system.

Popular Uganda safaris

There are several popular Uganda safaris that can match your budget include; Birding tours, Primates tours –meet up with primates, Wildlife Viewing tours, Cultural tours among others

Getting Around in Uganda
Uganda wildlife safari

When is the best month to travel to Uganda?

January is the dry season in both the north and south of Uganda, it can be a hottest month besides climate changes, with daytime temperatures peaking in the high 20s in the south and in the 30s in the north. Best time to go gorilla trekking and visit our closest cousins the great mountain gorillas in their nature inhabitant in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park that lies in southwestern region of Uganda though too hot and dusty to visit the untouched Kidepo Valley National Park in the north for remarkable Uganda safari game drive experience.

The best other months to travel around Uganda are the months without heavy rainfall that can lead to disappointments starts from June to Mid-September and December to February.

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