Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari; Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari is an ultimate exclusive boutique hotel owned by ‘’The Safari Collection’’ and this a worthy property referred to as one of the most attractive properties in the world. However, Giraffe Manor sits on around 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi and one of the Nairobi’s most iconic buildings.

Historically, this manor house has extra-ordinary appeal that harks back to the 1930’s when tourists first flocked to East Africa in order to approve what safari was by that time. The building is well furnished with façade, elegant interior, verdant green gardens, sunny terraces and delightful courtyards, guests often recall it a walking over into the film out of Africa; Indeed, one of its twelve rooms was named after the Author Karen Blixen.

Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari
Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari

The most unusual thing but so incredible about Giraffe Manor is its resident herd of Rothschild’s giraffes which may visit the build in morning and evening, poking their long necks into the windows in the hope of treat before pull back to their forest sanctuary, just now the attraction is quite worth. More about, Giraffe Manor, on visit here can be booked for the night depending on visitors’ hours or you can decide to be as part of a complete tailor on Kenya Safari with Achieve Global Safaris through contacts or emails for the affordable and remarkable tours.

It is more incredible one involving in a unique safari experience probably the Giraffe Minor where you can be able to   experience with the world’s tallest mammal through exploring local culture. In spite that, there is plenty attractions to keep you entertained during your stay both within the manor’s grounds and in the local area.

Location; Giraffe Manor offers a perfect location to the visitors who visit the place on their Kenya safari and to most of them combine a visit to Kenyan National Park for wildlife safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park Tsavo National Park to a visit to Giraffe Manor Kenya Holiday. This place is more beautiful for the honeymooners, visit as family and the best way to enjoy this place never forget a clear digitalized camera with enough space.

Manor House Rooms: This building was built in a unique way surrounded with green nature that makes more of its beauty architecture that attracts both giraffes and guests on their visit here. For that matter, it offers six rooms such as Betty, Daisy, Jock, Lynn, Marlon and the Karen Blixen Suite. This is the building which was built in 1932 and here comes in April 2009, Tanya and Mikey have turned this property into one of the most sought after hotels in the entire world.

Their rooms have lovingly remodeled interior design with a passion to ensure that the manor keep its 1930’s character and pleasant history. Originally, they were designed with art deco bathroom, antique furniture and the names of each room all proves something new of the manor’s colorful past.

Then in year 2011 a new section of the manor was established; the Garden Manor which is found right next the door. Now 79years later being built, Tanya and Mikey used reclaimed materials from the period in which the original manor was constructed   and it’s design looks like that of the main house. The Garden Manor also offers lovely guest rooms such as; Salma, Edd, Kelly, Helen and the Finch Hatton suite.

 Other room type at Garden Manor House includes; Karlen Blixen Suite, Betty Superior room, Daisy superior room ,Jock Superior room ,Marlon superior room ,Lynn superior room ,Finch Hatton Suite ,Helen superior room ,Kelly superior room ,Salma superior room ,Arlene superior room ,Edd superior room all well furnished with good amenities facilities such as ; corner bath tub ,a large double shower and twin sinks ,overlooking verandah  ,they also have wheel chair accessible ,free Wi-Fi ,hair dryer ,Mosquito nets ,Handmade Kenyan toiletries .In addition to that the rooms are super hero to guests who visits the place.

The retreat; You can take a stroll next door in order to enjoy your time in our serene wellness Centre and Daisy’s Café. Indulge includes in a pampering spa treatment, enjoy the hot tub, steam, sauna room and gym with gainful view of the Giraffe Sanctuary.

Things to do at Giraffe Manor Kenya Holiday Safari

 They include; Breakfast with Giraffes, Stroll to giraffe Centre, Visit Orchid House, Adopt and meet, Afternoon tea, Croquet boules or chess, Visit Spa treatments, Visit Beads glazing and finishing depart.

Breakfast with our Giraffes;

On holiday here, you wake up from your comfortable beds go have your perfect breakfast with a giraffe which is the most unique life experience anyone can have.

 This activity is best reserved exclusively for overnight guests of Giraffe Manor and one of the most enjoyable activity ever. Loping across the manor lawns and peering in   through the large windows with their elegant necks, watching the most beautiful endangered Rothschild’s giraffes and best to watch at the close quarter gives real appreciation of just how beautiful and soulful these creatures are. You will be able to have a gainful view of their inquisitive tongues which can grow up to twenty inches long and they offer; nutritious dried grass pellets that they’re after but not your served snacks. Therefore, you cannot create guarantee interaction with them at any given time.

You can have nice time with them through feeding them which is a unique way of experience.

Visit the giraffe Centre/Stroll through the sanctuary

You can enjoy the stroll across front lawn of the house and you can also visit a giraffe Centre, which was created in 1979 the center’s mission is to educate school children about their country’s remarkable wildlife and environment together programmed of the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe.

Each guest of Giraffe Manor contributes a donation of AFEW which goes towards their wildlife conservation projects across Kenya. Upon your visit here, you can get up close and personal to the world’s tallest species.

You can as well engage in feeding the giraffes along the feeding platform get interacted with them, inquisitive tongues in hope of a treat.  You can as well encounter their mascara like eyelashes from just inches away, visitors can feel the roughness of their dark tongues as well as witnessing their different personalities more impressive.

Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari
Giraffe Manor Kenya Safari

You visiting the place you will enjoy their small nature trail through the sanctuary which is great for an encounter.

Visit the Craft Shop /Shopping Experience

This is quite fun along your shopping in Nairobi, you will be able to view all manner of locally crafted goodies right on doorstep. Things to shop on visit includes; sandals to beautifully carved wooden bowls, traditional masks, jewelry, woven baskets and Maasai blankets many more which you can buy as a unique gift.

Visit Orchid House

During your visit you can be arranged a special private dinner, décor with beautiful light and a delightful little hidden corner of the manner in which to spend time. The place is cool for your mind meditation.

You can enjoy spa treatment through enjoying yourself to a therapeutic pre and post safari massage to relax your whole body. Visiting here, you will never avoid disappointment. But you will enjoy your spa treatment at a time that suits you.

Enjoy Daisy’s Café

The daisy’s café lies at the retreat, right next door to Giraffe Manor. On your visit here you will enjoy excellent menu of freshly prepared snacks and meals and fully stocked bar. They have skilled chef who loves to use nutritious, locally sourced ingredient to establish nourishing farm to fork style dishes. They serve all delicious food and drinks consumed at Daisy’s are charged as extras to Giraffe Manor guests which can be added to your room bill.

Horse Riding in Nairobi

You can engage in horse riding which is carried out with trained guides who leads you through interesting trails that offers fabulous forest rides with views of the Ngong Hills and the scenic nature.

Visit the Nairobi National Park

On visit to Giraffe Manor you can combine it with a visit to Nairobi National Park   where you can be able to engage in game drive and be able to view animals like lion, leopards, African buffalo, black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, spotted hyena, hartebeest, impala, common eland, Grant gazelle, Thomson’s, spotted hyena, cheetah, waterbuck, common warthog, olive baboon, black-backed jackal, common ostrich and Nile among other.

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