How Long Is Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda? Chimpanzee trekking is one of the thrilling and adventurous activities that provide tourists with a fascinating experience while they are exploring through Uganda. Therefore, Uganda is considered to be among the best chimpanzee trekking destination in African because it is a home to around 4950 individuals. More so, this activity has led to the great development of the tourism industry of Uganda whereby it attracts many tourists to travel from different parts of the world. For tourists who have their best interest in chimpanzee trekking can visit many places in Uganda where they are able to sight see many chimp species such as; Kalinzu forest, Budongo forest, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kibale national park and in Toro- semiliki reserve.

Kibale Forest National Park

Chimpanzee trekking activities are suitable for tourists who are in a good health shape whereby they are free from diseases like; heart conical disease and air borne diseases like flue and cough and it is nice for individuals who are physically fit because it involves hiking and walking through the dense forests to trek where chimpanzees are located. Therefore, tourists should note that chimpanzee trekking is for individuals who are above 16 years of age because the activity tends to be abit tiring and also the young children’s behaviours is unpredictable when they happen to be in the presence of the chimpanzees.

How long does chimpanzee trekking activities take in Uganda?

Chimpanzee trekking activities normally go for about 2 to 5 hours as the tourists move around the national parks with an aim of trekking where the chimps are located. During this period of time, the trekkers are advised to apply in some tricks for easy ways of spotting the chimpanzees and these tricks include; following the direction of the foot prints of the chimpanzees, following the path where they find food left overs, unfinished nests that chimpanzees were trying to put up the previous nights, broken tree branches as this leads you to the direction where the chimpanzees could be located hence saving a lot of time. Before the trekking, tourists always gather in one area and they are given short briefings about the rules and guidelines they should follow during the trekking in order to avoid any harm such as; do not eat or drink while in front of the chimpanzees, disable the use of flash lights while using cameras and phones while taking pictures and recording videos of the chimpanzees, keep a distance of about 7 meters between them and the chimps in order to avoid any harm, to lower the tones of their voices while near of within the parks and avoid maintaining direct eye contact with the species among others.

After the briefings, the trekkers also go through a registration process and later they are put in groups with a maximum number of seven people depending on which chimpanzee group they are going to trek. More so, each of these group is assigned to with a park guide or ranger whose responsibility is to lead tourists through the trekking due to the fact that they are familiar with most of the parts in the park and have a role to ensure the safety of both the wildlife species and the tourists. Therefore, after the tourists have located where the chimpanzees are located, they are always given one hour to spend and interact with the chimpanzees.

How Long Is Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda?
Chimpanzee Trekking Tours

In addition, it is during this period that tourists get to learn and observe the chimpanzee’s behaviours and characters and about the daily lifestyle of the chimps for example; watch how they eat and drink and feed the young ones. More so, chimpanzee trekking safaris are worth it taking in Uganda because as you explore through the parks trekking the chimps, it also gives you chances to engage in other interesting activities like; gorilla trekking, game drives, bird watching, lion tracking, guided nature walks, boat cruises, hiking and many others. more so, they get chances  to sight see many primate species such as;  the white and black colobus monkeys,  baboons, buffalos, bush bucks, red-tailed monkeys and other animals like; beautiful bird species, lions, African Elephants and many others.

For tourists who have big interests in chimpanzee trekking in engaging in chimpanzee trekking in Uganda can always opt to visit during the dry season, which is between months of June to September and from December to February. In addition, this is considered the best time because there are less rains and the grass vegetation, which makes tourists capture the classic views of the park and with all other interesting creatures and attractions in the park.

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