In Which District Is Kidepo National Park? Kidepo national park is located in the Northeastern part of Uganda and it is one of the top destinations to visit while on your adventurous safari in Uganda. this game park is situated in Kaabong district which is within the Karamoja region of the country and it also ranked to be the third largest national park in Uganda after Queen Elizabeth national park hence covering a total surface area of about 1,442 square kilometers and it is also seen as one of the most remote areas and pristine national park found in the country. kidepo valley national park was officially established as a national park in 1958 and it is famously known and commonly visited by large population of people due to the fact that it is ranked to be among the best birding safari destinations found in the country which is dominated by good physical features such as; Mount Morungole which stands at elevated area of about 2,750 meters above the sea level, the Narus river. More so, Kidepo national park is known to have derived its name from the Kidepo River, which is a fresh water body that flows through the park and the valley, which is a great prominent feature of the landscape. In addition, rugged savannah landscapes, stunning mountain ranges, expansive plains, dense forests among others, are surrounding this national park that all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species.

In addition, the fact that Kidepo National Park is located within Karamoja region, which is known to be a culturally unique region, therefore for tourists exploring within this region they get to learn about the history of the Karamojong people who stay within this area and how they live their traditional way of life. In addition, these Karamojong people are famously known because of their pastoralist lifestyle and tourists while interacting with the local people they get opportunities to learn more about their distinctive traditions, customs, heritage, observe their dress code, learn basics of how to speak their local language, watch their traditional dance performances and many others.

In Which District Is Kidepo National Park?
Kidepo National Park wildlife

More so, Kidepo national park is also commonly referred to as “the hidden gem” because of its strategic location and because it receives low tourist numbers compared to the other other game parks in the country. however, it is noticed that it is increasingly gaining its recognition due to its stunning natural beauty within the surrounding and because it is a home to a wide variety of wildlife species  for example; there are over 86 mammal species which include; leopards, giraffes, leopards, giraffes, zebras, lions, various antelopes, Jackson’s hartebeests, cheetahs, African buffalo, caracal, spotted hyenas, elands, chameleons, oribi, tortoises, lesser kudu, mountain reddbuck, side stripped jackal, Burchell’s zebras and many others.  and beyond wildlife, this national park has a large populations of over 475 bird species recorded which are one of the main attractions of Kidepo national park and some of these bird include; Karamoja Apalais, Black-breasted barbet, Abyssinian roller, Kori bustard, ostrich, red and yellow barbet, Abyssinian ground hornbill, dark chanting goshawk, superb starling  little bee eater among others and these birds are easily spotted within areas like; around the Apoka rest camp, Namamkwenyi valley and around the fringes of the Narus valley.

Exploring within Kidepo Valley national park blesses you with a great experience, apart from having many wildlife species it is also boasted with beautiful natural landscapes and by this visitors get to enjoy game drives as they go through different areas of the park where they get chances to overlook at many animal species like; large herds of buffalos, elephants while they are grazing and searching for food. more so, the Narus valley is considered to be one of the parks highlights and tourists get to capture classic views of the expansive grasslands, there is also the kidepo valley and the seasonal rivers, rugged mountainous areas which offer individuals with a dramatic backdrop of the parks ecosystem.

 More so, touring around the park , tourists get blessed with great opportunities to participate in several activities which they enjoy as they create remarkable memories and some of these things include; bird watching, wildlife viewing, visiting the local communities, cultural encounters, guided nature walks, mountain climbing to mount Morungole, hiking and many others.

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