Kasenyi Safari Camp is extremely an eco-friendly lodge location in the beautiful wilderness of Queen Elizabeth National Park and also on the rim of the salty lake called bunyampaka within the park. Furthermore, Kasenyi safari camp lies between the salty lake bunympanka and the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park however, the lodge offers perfect accommodation facilities with uninterrupted landscape views over a wider area. While on safari stay here, you can enjoy a lot of safari activities such as Game drives, Nature walks and Hiking’s many more.  At your comfortable stay at Kasenyi safari camp, you will get amazed about African touch on the natural wilderness in the north eastern part of the most famous wide range animal in the park.

Kasenyi Safari Camp offers an elevated dining place with gainful view of its surroundings like canopies meticulously thatched with green grass and vegetation, perhaps more rewarding from the savannah plains within the park.

Kasenyi Safari Camp
Kasenyi Safari Camp

The lodge offers comfortable tents that are raised above the ground with artifact grass thatched roof tops.

This camp consists of four tents, each offering en suit bathrooms, with a spacious living areas and private wooden decks.

What amazes a lot about Kasenyi Safari Camp its location offers a great view than any other lodges in Queen Elizabeth National park. The camp also offers ease access to the morning and morning game drives. Just know the great location of Kasenyi Safari Lodge, makes the lodge worthwhile.

The camp also offers to visitors with the truly African wilderness where 70% chances offered to you wake up in the morning and set your eyes on kings of the Jungle –lions and if you’re lucky you can sight see leopard just near to your cottages.

Kasenyi Safari lodge is found in the ‘big cat’s arena’. If I may say Kasenyi plains ranks as the popular area for gainful viewing of wide range of animals as well as lion tracking experience within Queen Elizabeth National Park. Therefore, the area where the accommodation is positioned ranks itself on the African map for those who love wild African safaris. However, the area brings a close and personal view of the some of the animals in the parks such as; hippos, herds of antelopes, buffaloes, lions, leopards among others.

Overall, the campsite offers different intervals during the day and nights animals seen by visitors include; leopards, prides of lions, hippos among others. During night time at stay –Kasenyi Safari Camp you will definitely enjoy the sweat ‘’sounds of the jungle’’ like to those of hyena howling and mourning hippos as they graze in the night. The African jungle is full of stillness and the skies clear with beautiful stars, however, the loud roars of the lion interrupt this calmness and rewards with truly beautiful nature of the African wilderness.

This Uganda safari camp offers amazing chance to share your shelter with some big furry friends – the lions which can be found sleeping under the raised platform right from the location of your tent. However, you shouldn’t get afraid of anything since you are guarded by the Kings of the jungle himself and his allies the lion prides.

Kasenyi Safari Camp
Queen Elizabeth wildlife

Well, Kasenyi Safari Camp is an excellent small group luxury camp in the wildest part of the park. At your visit at the camp, you will be able to enjoy the busy breakfast from the beautiful rewarding savannah grasslands. The views of the plains are remarkable to tourists, through observing the plain spotted herds of Uganda Kobs into the presence of the predators.

Lastly, Kasenyi Safari Camp offers visitors with an ideal camp stay –amenity setting in the midst of the jungle to relax you after the day activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park

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