Lake Mburo National Park Lodges : Lake Mburo National Park is one of the smallest among the ten national parks in Uganda though it is the smallest but easy to access the main destination right from Kampala city or Entebbe International Airport for a driving distance which may last 3:30 to 4 hours. More so, the park is located in western Uganda in Kiruhura district, managed by ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority a governing body that provides protection to the park. Lake Mburo national park is a home to wide range of wildlife species more greatly the antelopes like sitatunga ,Impala ,eland ,kobs ,zebras and other animals to adventure here are the buffaloes ,leopards ,hyenas among others ,lions and elephants are not present in the park .The park also is a great birding location where you expect to encounter variety of bird species such as African finfoot ,Brown chested lapwing ,Grey crowned crane ,Black-bellied Bustard ,Common Scrimitarbill ,White headed Barbet ,Nubian woodpecker ,Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike ,Long tailed cisticola ,Yellow breasted Apalis ,White winged Tit ,Green wood Hoopoe ,Emerald-spotted wood-Dove ,Brown parrot ,Reed headed lovebird ,Ross’s turaco ,Coqui Francolin ,Grey crowned Crane  among others ,a lot of attractions do exists in the park which can be encountered during your comfortable in one of the accommodations in the park.

Below are the lodges or accommodations where one can sleep in on visit to the park, they all have quality amenities and room features ranging from luxury, mid-range and Budget. But the accommodation rate differs on the choice of the lodge or your personnel wallet.

Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo Lodge is the most used lodge though luxury that sits deep within Lake Mburo National Park on a top hill, perched on Rocky kopje and set up with local materials to blend with the surrounding environment. The lodge offers an expansive swimming pool overlooking a drinking hole in close where the animals come to quench for thirsty during sunny afternoons.

The lodge’s pool overlooks the valley below with great sights of buffalos, eland, impala, bushbuck and zebras can be seen at the waterhole linking for water. At the rocks you may have the rare chance of seeing the family of Klipspringers and we cannot guarantee that you will see a leopard but possibly on a night game drive you might see it. You staying here, you will enjoy to see how many interesting  things –activities to do at Mihingo Lodge.

Mihingo lodge offers many activities to be done by the tourists such as nature walk which is done in and outside the park around the community where you can learn new things from Ankole culture and interacting with the local people. Bush biking is also interesting activity. The lodge also offers horseback riding with great guides who escorts you to adventure the park’s wildlife, nature and attractions. Staying at Mihingo Lodge while on safari to Lake Mburo national park is more comfortable and relaxing thus Lake Mburo National Park Lodges.

Lake Mburo National Park Lodges
Mihingo lodge

Rwakobo Rock

Rwakobo Rock is a Mid –range facility that sits 1 kilometer away from Nshara gate of Lake Mburo National Park and it hosts 8 cottages ranged as single, double or triple. The lodge is an eco-friendly family run lodge and restaurant nestled on a scenic outcrop at the rim of the park.

The lodge provides a great view right from the dining room since it looks down to Impala and warthogs while comfortably having breakfast. Their bed rooms are comfortable where you can listen to sounds in the deep darkness of the area among others.

Accommodation amenities

Outdoor pool


Mosquitoes net

Laundry service

 No smoking hotel


At Rwakobo Rock you can enjoy a number of activities including walking safaris, biking, night game drives among others.

The staff light up a campfire where tourists gather and enjoy their evening. The watering hole is close to the restaurant where animals often come to drink and a hammock where you can unwind with spectacular views of the expansive plains. Staying at Rwakobo Rock a visitor will leave with quite unforgettable experience of staying in the midst of the wildness.

Eagle’s Nest Lodge

This lodge provides a comfortable stay on a budget which is a perfect choice of stay. Eagle’s Nest Lodge is located on a hill bordering Lake Mburo National Park and offers one of the best views in Uganda.

It is designed in tents and each tent has its own overlooking veranda and bathrooms are more enjoyable while toilets are an eco-friendly invention. The lodge also has showers but are in use on visitor’s request and meals are prepared by a wood fire in big Africa Potjies. Choosing Eagle’s Nest to be your comfortable stay you will absolutely get rewarded with amazing views of a true African experience on a budget.

Arcadia Cottages –Mid-range

Arcadia Cottages sits 2 kilometers away from Rwoyo Park headquarters and close to the Lake. Just know the location of the lodge   provides a perfect place of stay with great explore of the park on game drives and encounter hippos and crocodiles on a boat cruise as well as walking safari thus Lake Mburo National Park Lodges.

Lake Mburo National Park Lodges
Arcadia cottages

Arcadia cottages has 8 self- contained cottages arranged around central lodge building, from here you can enjoy a delicious dish in their restaurant. You will also have a future view right from the newly built raised deck. At this accommodation facility the sun winds down with guests to unwind from an existing day’s tour around the fire place as you enjoy a cold drink with gainful view of impala, warthogs and hippos to be seen grazing the grass just yards away.

 Mburo Safari Lodge

 Mburo Safari Lodge is a semi luxury accommodation that sits with in the park. The lodge offers cottages and honeymoon house which were built on wooden platform covered with grass and it is well equipped with flushing toilets, showers and electricity.

 This lodge offers a luxury cottage with flushing toilets, showers and electricity. On your visit here you can choose to use their own tents from the lodge. But campers can cook for themselves.

Rwoyo Rest Camp

The camp is under management of ‘’UWA’’ Uganda wildlife Authority and offers tents and bandas along with camping at Mazinga Camp site.

Bookings are made directly with Uganda Wildlife Authority offices. The camp sits 1 kilometer west of sanga Gate and also managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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