Magical things you can do on Lake Kivu in Rwanda : Lake Kivu is one of Africa’s Great Lakes. It is located in the Rift Valley in a beautiful region on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lake Kivu is not as popular as Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park which is a home of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, it is a shining gem that people enjoy when they visit Rwanda. It is a special easy getaway for the weekend and a worthy end to the ever-exciting gorilla trek in the volcanoes.

The fact that lake kivu is shared between the democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda, about 58% of the lake is found in the democratic republic of Congo about 1370 square kilometers and rest in Rwanda . Lake kivu is Rwanda’s largest freshwater lake and the tenth-largest in the world with its fascinating seashores, and surrounded by Cyangugu, Kibuye, and Gisenyi, yet famous for its three main sandy beaches, with several credible palm trees, sauna bath, beach club amenities, and a provision for swimming visited by hundreds of tourists every year the lake is also surrounded by tranquil hills. Tourists unwind their long day fatigue on the beautiful lakeshore guest house in Kibuye situated along Lake Kivu with an offer of unforgettable experience, and fun as you engage and take in the cold breeze from the lake, eat fish and sip some beverages and both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as you are relaxing while enjoying the calm ambiance.

Lake kivu is very  important to Rwanda not only because of her beautiful emerald waters that attracts tourist throughout the year but also economically through the methane extracted from the depth of the lake which is  used to generate power used in local industry and factories

The lake is surrounded by serene hills, the road leading to the lake is thrilling as you weave the hills in suspense with glimpses of the lake in the near distance the scene is more than capturing with glistering and glittering sun-kissed waters against a backdrop of lush green hills and trees.

The lake is surrounded by heavily population of fishing villages and towns, most developed being In Rubavu also known as Gisenyi located in the northern edge of the lake, karonji famous for the popular beaches in Rwanda and finally Rusizi situated in the south of the lake

Activities carried out on Lake Kivu

Boat cruise on Lake Kivu  

Lake Kivu is famously known for its for being free from water dangerous animals such as crocodile and hippos. This however creates the perfect environment for taking about trip on a large waters. Boat cruises trip to Nyamirundi island gives  you an opportunity to visit the coffees plantations and also go through all the coffee processing procedures, Amahoro island is also known as one bar island , taking evening cruise whilst watching the sunset or even sharing a meal fluctuating  on the water and surrounded by countless picturesque features.

 Hiking and Biking

 Lake Kivu is surrounded by lush green hills and mountains in the near distance.  Hiking is the perfect morning sunny day activity. During hiking, you will be rewarded with better view of the sparkling waters and display of colors. This is an opportunity to know a little bit more about the history and way of living of the locals. The hills around the lake are perfect for biking and exploring new trails, interacting with the people, and of course, taking pictures from every altitude that gives a more aerial view of the lake.

Sports fishing

Sport fishing is another interesting activates carried out on Lake Kivu. This freshwater lake is home to quite an interestingly unique and versatile number of fish species like Blue-spotted tilapia, Nile tilapia, Lake Tanganyika Sardine, and Redbreast tilapia, Long fin Tilapia among others. Variety of different fish species that can be caught from the lake makes the activity so interesting and enjoyable for those who enjoy a little competitive exercise, this will be an interesting and fun activity to do.

Coffee tours

This is another fun and yet educative activity you can do while visiting Lake Kivu.  Rwanda is a major coffee producer and exporter this means the whole country is largely spotted with coffee plantations and this is no different from the areas surrounding Lake Kivu. You will get to know how to pick the coffee, wash, dry, roast, and grind the coffee as well as enjoying a fresh cup of coffee that you just made. Rwanda beans are ranked the second-best in the world according to home grounds. To contribute to Rwanda’s economic development, you can purchase a bag or two to bring back home with you.


Birding at the lake kivu shores can enable your see a number of different bird species that are seen on the shores of the lake, some can be spotted catching prey from the lake which is usually the fish, such birds includes African kingfisher, African woodpecker, Sacred ibis, Spotted Yellow-throated Greenbul, Knobs billed duck, Ashy Flycatcher, Speckled pigeons, Hadada Ibis Common Waxbill, Sacred Ibis among others. Other birds can be spotted while on the boat cruise or during walking along the shores of the lake

Magical things you can do on Lake Kivu in Rwanda
Sacred ibis

Visiting Imbabazi Orphanage

While on the Lake Kivu, you can decides to visit the Imbabazi orphanage which was established by Rosemond Carr an American foreigner who keys in Rwanda’s history and good friend to Dian Fossey who is very key in the conservation of the mountain gorillas. This orphanage was contracted to act as a home to orphans whose parents were killed during the Genocides in 1994.


Lake kivu is a fresh water with clean Bilharzia fresh water which makes it conducive for swimming therefore offers you a long walks and the scotching sun fill free to take a swim in the water to have relaxing calm adventure in the water and if you’re a good swimmer and you’re interested to include swimming as part of the travel itinerary, lake kivu is the best ideal for your adventure.

Best time to vast Lake Kivu

The best time to visit Lake Kivu is during the dry months of June to October and December to February, this is therefore the best months for relaxing at the Lake Kivu, with a maximum and minimum temperatures just a bit cooler than that. Choosing the right time to travel is important, and we as Achieve Global Safaris will help give you helpful guidance base on your travel experiences

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