Plans for Labour Day : This year Labour Day will fall on a Sunday, so it will feel like an ordinary day, just like any Sunday. But we don’t want you to take it like an ordinary day. You work so hard all year round; you deserve to celebrate this day. You deserve to enjoy it because it’s your day. So go out enjoy it. We know making plans for Labour Day can be tiresome, brainstorming what to do where, how etc can get exhausting. So we want to do that for you, help you plan for your labour day so that it is magnificent and relaxed as possible.

5 Days Bwindi Gorilla trekking and Jinja white water rafting safari tour

Also if you want tailor made plans you call us and make tailor made plans for you. That said here are some of the plans we think you will enjoy for Labour Day.

1.      Trip to Entebbe

Entebbe is a home to several beaches on the shores of lake Victoria so a trip to Entebbe will give a chance to enjoy a time at the beach, the breeze of the Victoria and a number of activities on the beach.

Apart from the beaches, there are a number of hotels in Entebbe so you can enjoy fine dining in any of the hotels in Entebbe.

You can also visit the Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre (UWEC) and have a wildlife safari experience at the Zoo. The Zoo gives you a chance to see numerous wildlife that you will usually find in the National parks.

Plans for Labour Day
Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre

A trip to Entebbe is a one day experience, so you can go and return to your home that same day.

2.      Trip to Jinja

Jinja dubbed the capital of adventure is a great place to visit for the weekend. A trip to Jinja should be a two day trip for you to have a comprehensive experience. In Jinja you will have a chance to explore the Nile River either on a boat ride, water rafting adventure, water slide and other water activities.

In Jinja you will also have an opportunity to engage in activities like Bungee jumping, quad biking, cycling, mountain climbing, nature walks, source of the Nile tour among others.

On your way to Jinja you can also pass by Mabira forest for a forest walk adventure, zip lining and bird watching

3.      Sipi Falls adventure

Sipi Falls adventure is good for someone who is looking for both an adrenaline rash and great views. On this adventure you will hike mount Elgon trails up to either sipi or chebet falls where you will enjoy great sights of the water going down the rocks with great pressure.

If you are up to it you can also take time and visit the surrounding local communities. Most of the people in these communities are coffee farmers so you get to see first-hand where our Ugandan coffee comes from. 

You can have the Sipi falls adventure in one day or two, depending on your preference and budget.

4.      Trip to the Equator

A trip to the Equator in Kayabwe is one that will be more relaxing for you. It doesn’t have much activity but offers great sceneries; good food from the surrounding restaurants and most of all being at the Equator itself is a thrilling experience. 

Plans for Labour Day
Equator Experience in Uganda

5.      Trip to Lake Mburo National Park

If you feel like a safari experience like animals and nature you can visit Lake Mburo National park for a game drive and boat ride plus Horseback riding. The park is home to animals like zebras, giraffes, hippos, waterbucks and many more. This park is about 3 to 4 hours from Kampala so you can do a one day trip if you are up to it. The best is two days though.

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