Queen Elizabeth National Park Flights ; Queen Elizabeth National Park is a popular game park known as the second largest among the ten National Park in Uganda. Still a famous destination for its tree-climbing lions and is blessed with lots of attractions ,features  of crater lakes ,savannah plains ,forested gorges ,swamps ,rivers and beautiful Kazinga Channel a home to a plenty of wildlife species over 95 mammals  including ;waterbuck , topi ,hippopotamus ,African elephant ,warthog ,giant forest hog ,spotted hyena ,lion ,African buffalo ,Uganda kob ,Nile Crocodile ,leopard ,chimpanzees and also home to over 600 bird species some of them include ; white backed vulture ,brown backed scrub Robin ,sitting cisticola ,croaking cisticola ,hooded vulture ,palm but culture ,white tailed lark ,flapet lark ,black belied bustard  among others .

However ,Queen Elizabeth national park is located in  western Region of Uganda surrounded by several different districts of Kasese ,Kamwenge ,Rubirizi and Rukungiri which can be accessed from Kampala by road within 5 to 6 hours’ drive .The park estimates 400 kilometers by road south-west of Kampala –capital of Uganda and largest city and it’s listed on UNESCO world heritage site and managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority known as governmental body .

On safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park you can engage in stunning attraction include;

Game drives

Lion tracking

Boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel

Guided nature walks

Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura gorge and Kibale National Park

Visit to the Salt Lake


The park is located in southwestern region of Kampala which can be reached by flight within an hour and fifteen minutes away from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip by Aerolink flight.

Airstrips; Mweya and Kasese


From Entebbe Airport to Kasese-Mweya the flight -Departs at 07:00AM and Arrives at 10:05AM.

From Kasese-Mweya to Entebbe Airport flight -Departs at10:20AM and Arrives at 11:25AM

From Entebbe to Kasese-Mweya the flight –Departs 10:15AM and Arrives at 12:05 AM.

From Kasese –Mweya to Entebbe Airport flight –Departs 12:20AM and Arrives a 13:30 PM.

From Entebbe to Kasese-Mweya the flight –Departs 12:00AM and Arrives at 14:35PM.

From Kasese –Mweya airstrip –the flight –Departs 14:55AM and Arrival at 15:55PM.

Internal flights

From Kasese –Mweya airstrip passenger can fly to;

Mweya –Kasese airstrip in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Semuliki in Semuliki National Park

Kihihi and Kisoro ‘’Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Unlike Tanzania and Kenya –Uganda has few list of airlines   that runs domestic travel around its protected destinations such as the Uganda’s National Park. Although Uganda has the least number of airline operating in domestic travel business. More so ,Uganda connects regionally and internationally. Therefore, charter flights are available and also have scheduled flights to air strips in national parks which can be organized by the help of the tour operators.

 Domestic flights that runs to Queen Elizabeth National Park   airline in operation include;

Fly Uganda; This is a private domestic flight most used by the market leaders and travelers to National park of Uganda. The departure time of fly Uganda air caravans –from Kajjansi at 08:00 at cost USD290 per person for a one-way flight with a maximum of two people aboard.

Aero link; The Aerolink is good in operating charter flight for domestic travel into the national park. It is regional air that services countries like Tanzania and Air Kenya. Aerolink is also good in operating flights to Uganda National park like Queen Elizabeth national park through Mweya or Kasese airstrip. It carries 11 passengers and allows 15 kilograms in cargo and any excess baggage results into extra charges.

Eagle air; It operators three charter flight in Uganda. However, it mainly operates in northern Uganda. In areas like Arua and Gulu; Runs to Chobe air strip and Pakuba air strip both resides in Murchison Falls National Park as well as runs to Kidepo Valley National park.

Other domestic flight that operators in Uganda includes; Bar Aviation, Air services Uganda and the Mission Aviation Fellowship ‘’MAF’’. You can browse through their web page for further information.

Please take note; Domestic flight in Uganda are cheaply and affordable to the travelers that hate the long traveling journey by car, though it is the most rewarding type of transportation with great view of country sides, scenic land scape and other stunning attraction. The prices ranges between USD227 and USD259 per person. Despite the fact that, Air travel in Uganda is safe and straight forward compared to the road and water transport.

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