Queen Elizabeth national park Safari from Kigali : For the visitors who are in Rwanda, there is the possibility that they can enter Uganda and particularly explore Queen Elizabeth National Park immediately after they land from Kigali International Airport. It is therefore possible to travel from Kigali in Rwanda to Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. Getting to Queen Elizabeth National Park is very easy because there are several routes where visitors can move and access the park.

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 Some of these routes are long and you might get tires but there are options whereby you can as well use the flight to access the national park from one destination to another. However, long they are, some of the visitors have started their safaris from Rwanda and have ended up entering queen Elizabeth National park because it is very possible.

 As you land at Kigali International Airport, you can decide to first explore the Virungas Mountains and several attractions there before you cross over to Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National park. From Kigali International airport, visitors can easily board the bus from the Kigali bus terminal and the most reliable bus is called the Nyabugogo bus where you will make the ticket that will take you to Kihihi or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Other buses can be moved from Butare, Gisenyi and these operate from Kigali on the daily basis. You need to be alert such that you do not waste a lot of time on the way as you embark on this great journey.

 It is also possible to use chartered flights provided you feel like you do not want to use road transport. Visitors can book their flights from the Kigali international airport in Rwanda and take them to the Entebbe international airport in Uganda and this lasts for about 45 minutes to one hour. Once you have arrived at Entebbe international airport, there are alot of domestic and chartered flights that operate from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airstrip to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Companies are available and they will fly you to several airstrips that bound the park such as the Kasese airstrip and the Mweya airstrip.

 Some of the airline’s companies that do operate the domestic flight in Uganda include the aero link that operates flights to Mweya airstrip and from the Mweya airstrip, you can just walk to your accommodation provided you have decided to stay at Mweya Safari Lodge which is located within the Queen Elizabeth National Park at Mweya peninsular.

From Kampala, Visitors can as well take public transport means to get to Queen Elizabeth National park. From Entebbe airport, there are taxis that can drop you to the Kampala, where you van board a bus that goes to the Kasese route. From the road that leads you to Kasese passes through the Katungulu Park headquarter and it is here that you will disembark from the bus and get a taxi hire or bodaboda that will take you to the accommodation of your choice.

 Alternatively, the best way is for you to arrange the transportation with the private tour operator who will provide you with the transport services that will lead you to Queen Elizabeth National park without much difficulty.

Queen Elizabeth national park Safari from Kigali
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 From Kigali to Kampala. It is also possible that you can use public transport because the buses are available from Kigali to Kampala. Jaguar executive bus serves this route and when you get to Kampala you can boar to Kasese however this is double work and it involves a lot of long hours as well as much tiresome. Even when you are on the bus, you will be able to see a lot of interesting scenes including Rwanda’s rolling hills until you cross the Rwanda-Uganda border at Katuna to see the terraced gardens.

Do not worry about the public transports, there is an option for self-drive from Kigali to Queen Elizabeth National park in Uganda. The moment you land at Kigali international airport, you are free to hire the car and you do your own self-drive Rwanda and then get into Queen Elizabeth National Park. After crossing the border, you will drive to Kabale and then cross to Mitoma district and then drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

 Self-drives are so convenient they are loved by most travelers who are willing to save much time and avoid inconveniences caused by the issues of public transportation. While taking the self-drive road trip, you will be able to stop at ease, do any activity like shopping without much difficulty as compared to when you are using public transportation to Queen Elizabeth National Park

 Having a safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park that is well planned and well arranged by the tour operators is a very good idea as it is very easy to get one. These operators will assist you in arranging the best Uganda safari packages from Kigali to Queen Elizabeth National park and they will as well help you to book a domestic ticket, which is so interesting and wonderful. Please contact us for more information about the Queen Elizabeth National Park safaris.


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