Ranking Of Wildlife Attractions in Uganda : Declared as the pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchill due the beauty that captured his eye sight, Uganda has gained its self-fame due to the various safari attractions that are all over the country.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, fantastic diversity of stunning landscapes, interesting wildlife species, plant life, bird species, and different cultures, stunning water bodies such as lakes and rivers that are flanked by wetlands and thickets Uganda is surely the greatest safari destination to all sightseers that would love to have a thrilling adventure in any part of east Africa.

Uganda has a number of tourist’s attractions that have led to the increase of the number of sightseers who travel to Uganda while on a safari hence improving on the development of the tourism industry of Uganda.

And in this article join in with achieve global safaris as you get to learn more about the some of the most thrilling attractions in the republic of Uganda.

Ranking Of Wildlife Attractions in Uganda

Wildlife (the big five and more).

starting with a population of about 1063 endangered mountain gorilla species in the whole world and Uganda as a country is famously known because it harbors almost half of the population of these gorillas which can be spotted in the two most famous national parks in Uganda with a static estimation of mountain gorillas as this; Mgahinga gorilla national park which is a home of about 80 mountain gorillas and Bwindi impenetrable national park which is a home to over 459 mountain gorillas.

Uganda is also one of the homes to the big fives in the world and while on adventure into the country one is able to get a wildlife safari through Uganda’s national parks and national reserves as they get the chances to sight see some of the big fives in the country these include; lions which are commonly referred to as the “the kings of the jungle”, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards and the African elephants.

Other than the big five in the country the country also has got other numerous wildlife that can be encountered while on a safari in the pearl of Africa and some of these can involve; red and blue duikers, baboons, bush pigs, giant forest hogs, warthogs, African bush elephants, zebras, white rhinos, bush bucks, Uganda kob, rothschild giraffe, warthogs, sitatungas, oribis, dik dik, elands, waterbucks, crocodiles, hippos and many others.

When it comes to statistics Uganda is known to be home to over 345 mammal species and these mammals include those from the west Africa and East Africa  and these can be sighted in different Destinations as earlier mentioned such as; Kidepo Valley National Park which is known to be a home of about 77 mammal species, Queen Elizabeth national park which harbors over 95 mammal species, Murchison falls national park which has about 76 mammal species, the Ziwa rhino sanctuary with about 33 white wild rhinos and lake Mburo national park which is a home to over 68 mammal species.

Ranking Of Wildlife Attractions in Uganda
Elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Aside from the animals, Uganda is also home to over 2,250 bird species, which are easily spotted in all the 10 national parks these bird species are known to be both migratory and local birds which include; grey crowned crane, little grebe, eared grebe, four banded sand grouse, great crested grebe, four banded sand grouse, purple crested turaco, senegal coucal, dideric cuckoo, eastern plantain eater, denham’s bustard, black bellied bustard, and the rare shoebill stork.

Yet again when its ranking according to statics as to why Uganda is one of the best birding destinations in East Africa and these can be spotted in the national parks as earlier mentioned as this; queen Elizabeth national park home to over 600 bird species, bwindi impenetrable national park with 351 birds, Budongo forest with about 366 bird species, Murchison falls national park with 450 bird species, Semuliki national park with 442 bird species, Mabira forest with about 316 bird species, lake Mburo national park with around 350 bird species and among other destinations.

when ranking according to the numbers of chimpanzees which are yet some of the other wildlife species that are so thrilling to sight while on safari adventures into the pearl of Africa, these species which are  referred to as the man’s closest relatives compared to other animal species because they share almost 90% of their DNA with human beings over 5700 chimpanzees are ranked to be pound in the pearl of Africa and these can be spotted in  several safari destinations where tourists can go to for chimpanzee trekking activities such as; Kalinzu forest which is a home to more than 300 chimpanzees, Kyambura Gorge which is a home of about 256 chimpanzees, Budongo forest which has about 800 chimpanzees and Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary which has about 52 chimpanzees.

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