Tourism in Uganda : Uganda distinctively known as the Pearl of Africa Is Located in the Eastern part of Africa, it is amazed with various natural beauty, diverse cultural heritage and hospitable people. Uganda’s Tourism industry has been steading growing and expanding over the years as it has offered tourists a wide range of  activities and experiences For example it has 10 national parks namely Queen Elizabeth National park, Kidepo valley National park, Murchison Falls National Park, Bwindi impenetrable National park, Mt Elgon National park, Mgahinga national park, Kibale National park, Mt Rwenzori national game park , Semuliki National game park and Lake Mburo national park These are filled with wild animals including endangered species such as Gorrillas and Chimpanzees to mention but a few. Uganda has also a diverse cultural heritage which has increased its tourism activities for example the Uganda Museum, Kasubi Tombs, Lubiri the kabakas palace these carry a lot of spiritual and political significance to the country and thus interesting sites for visits to come learn about great history of the country. Not forgetting the beautiful lakes and rivers of the country, the stunning views, the vibrant towns and cities to mention but a few.

The Tourism industry has helped Uganda grow Economically, it has provided sources of employment, improved international relations of Uganda and other countries, increase in Government revenue, increase in foreign exchange reserves, Entrepreneurship growth and innovation, Education and training, Research and development, Diversification of the economy among others.

Natural Attractions of Uganda.


Uganda has numerous wildlife species which would indeed satisfy a visitor while on their Uganda wildlife safari These wildlife species include; Lions, elephants, buffaloes that move in herds, leopards, crocodiles, chimpanzees, hippopotamus, Nubian giraffes, Jacksons hearte beast, Uganda Kob, sitatunga, warthogs, bush bucks, water bucks, hyenas, monkeys, oribis, Rhinos which are at Ziwa sanctuary, baboons, fish, Mountain fish, Mountain, among others.


Uganda is blessed with diverse bird species of about 1100 by count and contributes almost half of Africa’s bird species some of these species live throughout the year in Uganda while others migrate seasonally from other continents looking for good weather and food. Some incredible bird species in Uganda include; western nicator, little greenbull,green beasted pitta,black bee-eater,white-naped pigeon,blue breasted kingfisher,Abyssinian,ground thrush,afep pigeon,lowland, masked apalis,red chested owlet, blue headed sunbird, cassinn’s spinetail,purple breasted  sunbird,red faced woodland warbler, brown chested alethe,black ered ground thrush,tropical bou bou,speakled tinker bir,brown eared wood pecker, brown earned wood pecker,bronzy sunbird,Africanpied wag tail, white collaredolive back,speckled tinker bir,yellow billed barbet,black headedn,blue throated roller,white winged swamp warbler,pin tailed whydab,papyrus gonolek ,appalis,dusky crimsonwing,Apalis, double toothed barbet, black and white casqued hornbill, white spotted flufftail to mention but afew these shall indeed fulfil a birders desires while on a Uganda Birding safari.

Uganda’s Lakes and Rivers;

 Uganda is home to Africas largest lake known as Victoria and also source of Africas longest River the Nile which makes it indeed a beautiful place to visit. It is covered with fresh water lakes, saline lakes and beautiful rivers and streams. These lakes include; Lake Victoria, lake Edward, Lake Goerge, Lake

Albert, Lake Kyoga, Lake mtanda, Lake katwe, Lake Mburo, Lake munyonyi among others and rivers like River Kafu, Victoria Nile, River Achwa, Ssezibwa river, Turkwel river, Ora River, River Semuliki, river Katonga, River Kagera among others. These waters have various fun activities like fishing, white water rafting, boat cruise to mention but a few that provide tourist with thrilling experience.

Cultural and Historical Sites; Uganda is quite filled with numerous cultural sites that are up to date functional and are source of interesting and thrilling stories especially about religion, culture and politics of the country These cultural sites include; Kasubi tombs, Buganda kingdom, Tooro kingdom, Namugongo Martyrs shrine, Nyero rock painting, Bahai temple among others


Uganda is blessed with high and beautiful peaks these mountains are; Mt Elgon is the eastern part of Uganda, Mt Rwenzori in the western part of the country, Mt Moroto in Northeastern part of the country, Mt Murongole to mention but a few.

Tourist Adventure activities to carry out in Uganda

Boat cruises; Taking   boat cruises on the various water bodies Uganda can be relaxing and one can be able to view the beautiful sceneries around and in the lakes for example the hills, islands, green trees, birds, wildlife among others.

Wildlife viewing; Uganda has 10 national parts and 12 game reserves all filled with numerous wildlife species one cannot fail to see all the beautiful wild animals such as elephants, lions, elephants, among others.

Fishing; The various water bodies in Uganda are spotted with numerous varieties of fish species such tilapia, Nile perch, cat fish, mud fish, silver fish among others that make fishing activities such as spot fishing enjoyable in addition to this, one can enjoy beautiful fish delicacy locally prepared.

Exploring the source of the Nile. This is in jinja also one of Uganda’s famous tourist destinations, one can explore the source of the Nile while white water rafting and enjoy the stunning scenery that surround the source of the Nile.

Tourism in Uganda
Source of the Nile

Cultural encounter; Uganda has a diverse variety of cultural practices, norms among others, while on a Uganda safari, one can move to the different cultural sites, historical sites or even local area surrounding tourism destinations and learn the day-to-day ways of lives of these people.

Water Tours; This involves one taking a guided tour on the waters of Uganda in order to view the wildlife on the lakes and rivers like crocodile, hippopotamus, birds among others.

Bird watching; Uganda has over 1100 bird species thus is an ideal destination for a birder and it shall optically feed the bird viewer with these beautiful species which include; blue headed sunbird, cassinn’s spinetail, purple breasted sunbird, red faced woodland warbler, brown chested alethe, black ered ground thrush, tropical bou bou, speakled tinker bird, brown eared wood pecker, brown earned wood pecker among others.

Scuba Diving; For tourists who would love to explore the underwater aquatic life in Lakes like Victoria. This is definitely an interesting activity to engage in while on a Uganda safari

Chimpanzee trekking; one can visit Bugoma, Budongo forests Murchisons falls national park which isa home to over 500 chimpanzees or opt to go to Queen Elizabeth national park, Mt Rwenzori national park and spend a time feeding and learning how to interact with them.

Gorilla trekking; One can visit mountain gorillas at Bwindi impenetrable national park, Kibale national park and Mgahinga national park to view these wonderful species of primates.

 Hiking and nature walks; There are several trails that run across the National game parks, forests, around shores of lakes and rivers in uganda enabling tourists to walk    through with a guide while enjoying the views of the different tree species, viewing the birds, wildlife and gives one the opportunity to connect with nature.

Uganda is indeed a beautiful destination to visit with all this beauty and attractions and the best time to visit Uganda would be during the dry months of; December, January, February, June, July, August and September but tourists can move throughout the year.

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