Tourist activities of Semuliki national park : Semuliki national park is one of the Africa’s most diverse forests and it is particularly known for its varied bird population. The park’s biodiversity was enhanced by its great age, for it is one of the Africa’s most ancient forests. The park is located in Bwamba County in the remote part of Bundibugyo district in the western region of Uganda. Semiliki national park covers an area size of about 220 square kilometers and it was upgraded as a national park from a reserve in 1993. This park hosts about 441 bird species thus called the birders haven and has about 53 mammal species. The unique features of Semiliki national park are the female and male Sempaya Hot springs, which can only be found in this park with rich historical and cultural experiences. Below are some of the commonly done activities in Semiliki national park;

Chimpanzee trekking in Semuliki national park

This is an art of taking a stroll in the forests in order for one to be able to catch a glimpse of the fascinating primates swinging around the forest branches. Chimpanzees in Semuliki national park range everywhere in locating and securing their food for them. Therefore, visitors should not expect to find it easy to get the chimpanzees however, the experience of seeing them can be fascinating as they can be seen walking on two of their legs for short distances. The wild life research programme has subjected the chimpanzee population in habituation process to discover the relationship between the chimpanzee behavior of walking on 2 legs and evolution of a new species.

Tourist activities of Semuliki national park
Chimpanzee trekking in Semuliki

Game viewing in Toro-Semiliki wildlife reserve

This is one of the most common activities in Semuliki national park. Toro Semuliki reserve is an open grassland and river forest and was gazzeted to protect the wild life species that exist in the valley. The park suffered high levels of poaching from communities thus reducing the number of mammals lower than any savannah park in Uganda. The park hosts more than 53 mammal species that can be explored on three game drive tracks gazette by Uganda wildlife authority. Some of the animals include elephants, buffaloes, water bucks, warthogs, Uganda kobs to mention but a few.

Sempaya hot springs

Semuliki national park species have been accumulating for over 25,000 years as evidenced of its over older processes creating hot springs. Semuliki hot springs bubble up from the depths to demonstrate the power full subterranean forces that have been shaping the rift valley during the last 14 million years. The hot springs are worth visiting while on your Uganda safari visit.  The hot springs are known as the Sempaya hot springs and they are formed into female and male hot springs, Tourist activities of Semuliki national park


This refers to the act of observing birds in the park or in their natural habitat. The park has recorded over 441 different bird species exploring this park and its reserve is a special experience for birders looking for scientific importance. There are provided trails by Uganda wildlife authority for example the 13 km kirumia trail which leads you through the heart of the forest to Semuliki river and the transect through the different habitat makes the perfect area of bird watching. The birds include the ground hornbill, shoebill stock.

Tourist activities of Semuliki national park
shoe bill in semuliki np

Walking trails

There are several trails provided in the park like the shorter trail in the eastern border to Semuliki river, the rare de brazzas monkeys are often spotted along the trial and area. While the shortest trail of 8km also called the Sempaya nature trail introduces you to some of the primates and later the hot springs of Semuliki national park.

Visitors need a minimum of 3 Days for a safari in Semiliki national park and they can combine this trip to one of the close national park in the area including Kibale national park in Kabarole district, Queen Elizabeth national park in Kasese district. Look out to some of our packages for an incredible safari with us.

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