Tourist Attractions in Jinja Uganda : Jinja is known as Uganda’s busiest town and considered to be the tourism hub of Africa because its where the source of the Nile starts from thus acting as a place of attraction to visitors. Meanwhile the main stopping attraction in Jinja is the source of the Nile which was first explored by John Hanning Speke, the Nile spans with Owen Falls Dam and Bujagali Dam. Then further north of the river there’s Itanda Falls known for its white water rapids and Samuka Island a great home for bird viewers. However, Jinja is a city found in the Eastern region of Uganda sited on the North shores of Lake Victoria, approximately 81 kilometers away from Uganda’s largest city Kampala.

Below are the key attractions to visit in the destination of Jinja Uganda as follows;

Source of the Nile –Speke Monument

The source of the Nile is the main tourist attraction on Jinja tours comprised of many activities where one can be able to engage in activities like kayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding, sunset experience, among others. Above all, River Nile is the world’s longest river in Uganda that starts in Jinja on its way to the Mediterranean Sea and the river is best for water rafting and other impressive activities as early mentioned.

Itanda Falls

The Itanda falls is one of the best site to see white water and a perfect place to sight see the source of Nile. Itanda is a site you can visit and makes you to say longer on the Nile in Jinja. More, a good site to relax and chill out in Jinja destination. You can make it a day trip from Kampala or after a safari to national parks could be Murchison Falls national park or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park .

Tourist Attractions in Jinja Uganda
Itanda Falls tour

Jinja Sunset cruise

This experience starts at 6 pm till 7 pm on the river. The Nile is not all white water at Jinja at certain point but perfect for a sunset cruise, Tourist Attractions in Jinja Uganda .

Lake Victoria beaches

Around Lake Victoria there are many stunning beaches where a tourist can participate in sport fishing, boat racing, overnight camping, day excursion, swimming among others.

Jinja City Tours

Jinja city tour takes you to community markets such as Jinja main market, Jinja main street, craft market where you can buy some beautiful African materials to take back for your friends and family members.

Visit the historical Sites

Jinja has very many historical sites that can be visited on your visit to Jinja Uganda such as Bujagali ancestral site, Soga tribe ancestral spirits at Busoga King’s Palace, Nakabanga and Mpumudde hill all these places its where the Busoga chiefs and the British Colonial Governors used together for their ancestral spirit.

Jinja Quad Bike Safari

This is the second done activity after white water rafting on the Nile. Quad biking in Jinja is done in the villages including in lots of fun. OR You can decide to do mountain biking but you will need to take a plenty of bottled water.

Tourist Attractions in Jinja Uganda
Quad Biking in Jinja Tours

Jinja Tubbing on the Nile Trip

This activity is best for those looking for cool relaxing experience while enjoying the birding, sunbathing and looking at beautiful sceneries, Tourist Attractions in Jinja Uganda .

Nyegenyege Festival

This festival takes place in the month of September every year it’s an event marked among Africa’s most attended music festival.

Jinja Industrial tour

Jinja is an industrialized area where you can opt to visit industries around the town such as Uganda’s leading sugar factory, Kakira sugar industry, Nile breweries, Jinja textile industry among others.

Nile Reptiles Park

The Nile reptile park sits in Jinja a location to see African crocodile which is the largest freshwater predator in Africa.

Nile Fount Excursion Adventures

Source of the Nile Museum

On visit to Jinja you can visit this museum it was built to expose Uganda’s culture, tradition, politics and commerce, its every nice place to visit.

Kayak the Nile

This activity is perfect for all ages where you can be guided with experienced guides who will make you feel at home as you enjoy the water by paddling, you will also be able to see local wildlife around scenic environment that attracts with its beautiful features.

Tourist Attractions in Jinja Uganda
Kayaking on the Nile

Jinja Nile Bridge

The bridge acts as an attraction on Uganda tourism, which was built across the Nile River with access road and other facilities in Jinja districts. Jinja Nile bridge is quite rewarding with its unique construction to people.

White Nile Rafting Limited

White Nile Rafting is awesome experience for family fun life time experience where you can enjoy grade 5 full day rafting of grade 5 half day rafting done on white water which is surrounded by the beautiful sceneries of the river Nile. You can book with us to enjoy this memorable activity.

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