What is the best way to see the Big Five animals in Uganda? Nearly every traveler’s dreams of ticking off all the famous Big 5 animals (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo) on their safari trip in Africa. Uganda is one of the countries that offer this possibility, having all these animals in many parks and wildlife reserves. Being home to the mountain gorillas, a safari-Uganda gives you the chance to see the Big Five and the famous Mountain Gorillas – two of the biggest highlights of an African safari holiday. However, one wonders what the chances are of seeing the big five animals in Uganda and which destinations have the best chances to see particular animals. Uganda really does have plenty to satisfy all interests, with opportunities to enhance an already incredible experience. It is always a great plan to for visitors to visit a variety of Uganda national parks to cover a lot of ground and view many different animals. Below are some of the best ways to see the big five animals in Uganda.

Game drives

Game drives are a classic way to view animals and our guided tours allow guests to experience the sights and sounds of a safari trip. All from the comfort of an open roof Land Cruiser, led by a professional wildlife expert, game drives typically last for about two to four hours. The most popular times of day for a game drive is early morning and late afternoon. There are 4 of Uganda main savannah national parks that offer intense game drives including; Lake Mburo national park, Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park and Kidepo valley national park. However, in all the national park in Uganda, visitors can only see the big 4 game which include; the Lions, Leopards, Elephants, and Buffalo. Game viewing is a nature oriented and it is lucky that a visitor will see all the animals in one national park so we advise that you visit at least 2 of the Uganda savannah national parks.

Night game drives – in search of nocturnal animals like aardvark, bush babies and pangolin

Visit Ziwa rhino sanctuary in Uganda

The Rhino is the least widespread of the Big Five and the most endangered mostly because it is highly poached for its horn. There are no rhinos in Uganda national park and one has an opportunity to enjoy the rhinos in only Ziwa rhino sanctuary. The sanctuary started in 2015 as a program to reintroduce the rhinos back into Uganda’s wilderness after they were poached and wiped out during the insurgencies of the 1970s. The fate, which befell many rhinos in Africa. The rhinos have been thriving on the sanctuary and from the 13 White Rhinos that were originally introduced have since multiplied to more than 30 rhinos. The sanctuary offers a guided rhino tracking activity for tourists to see the rhinos on foot. You therefore are guaranteed to tick off the rhinos in Uganda when you visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Nature walks

Taking a nature in the wild is a great way to meet animals. As long as visitors are in company of a professional ranger, it is possible to walk through some of Uganda’s most popular savannah national park. At Lake Mburo national park, visitors can walk to a salt lick, which attracts a variety of animals, or hike through woodland to see birdlife and other creatures. Choose from more strenuous hikes or gentle, flat strolls. Whatever your level of fitness, a walking safari allows guests to spot details that they may have missed – such as footprints, the sound of a bird-call or a peep inside a burrow.

Boat cruises

Boat cruises allow visitors to see some amazing wildlife from a completely different vantage point. They offer a great way for birders to see some of Uganda’s most sought-after species. Imagine seeing a hippo or buffalo in the water, or spotting an elephant standing on the shoreline.

Mountain biking safari

Combining adventure, exhilaration and animals is an unforgettable experience. Visitors can hire a bike and enjoy a choice of routes all led by a professional local guide. From flat trails to more challenging rides, there really is something for everyone. Lake Mburo national park offers visitors to view animals while on a biking safari.

What is the best way to see the Big Five animals in Uganda?
Biking Safaris

Horseback safari

When there is no noise of a car and everything is taken at a leisurely pace, there is chance to see, hear and get close to nature as never before. Rides are adjusted according to ability, so from beginners to advanced riders this is an experience to be enjoyed and an adventure to be remembered for years to come. This is evident in Lake Mburo national park.

Hot air balloon safari

Experience a safari from the air and witness spectacular wildlife vistas from above. Options include a bush breakfast followed by a sunrise hot air balloon safari, short rides for groups or a romantic sunset trip. However, Uganda hot air balloon have been suspended.

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