Why should you visit Akagera National Park : Akagera National Park in Rwanda is one of the oldest national parks on the African continent and the biggest in Rwanda located in the northeastern province bordering Tanzania in the east, Akagera was gazetted as was declared as Rwanda’s protected area in 1932 and the area covers approximately 1,122 square kilometers. The park is the only savannah national park in Rwanda which is dominated by a large number of swamps, marshes, papyrus swamps, woodlands, lakes, grasslands, and savannah plains, making it rich in biodiversity and a very suitable habitat for wildlife. The national park houses a large population of wildlife animals such as elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinoceros, leopards, lycanos, antelopes, hippos, topi, and zebras among others.

Why should you visit Akagera national park!! Well, this article provides to you some of the reason you should visit Akagera national park, park which offers unforgettable wildlife experiences to visitors.

Exciting wildlife

Akagera national park is a home to 5 iconic animals such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards. Akagera national park is comprised of swamps, marshes, papyrus swamps, woodlands, lakes, grasslands, and savannah plains, making it rich in biodiversity and a very suitable habitat for wildlife. The entire landscape is astonishing which allows visitors to see a lot of different animals in a short time. Akagera wildlife has increased meaningfully over recent years and the latest count estimated that the Park is now home to some 8,000 large animals. during the amazing game drives in the park ,you will be able to see Burchall’s zebras, giraffes, impalas, topi , bushbucks, eland, African swallows, vervet monkeys, baboons, warthogs, mongoose, hippos, crocodiles, and even an elephant. There are actually more than 120 elephants in the park. Other mammals include oribis, Defassa waterbuck, reedbucks, sable and roan antelopes, buffalos, and many more. The most astonishing drive from south to north in a day. More than expected wildlife can be seen that gives you a great experience


Akagera national park is one of national park in Rwanda which offers the fantastic bird watching safaris in Rwanda, the park is a home to rare bird species which are hardly be seen in Rwanda such as the rare shoebill making it a true birders paradise. While on your birding safaris in Akagera national park , you will be amazed with a lot of different kinds of birds since the park harbors overs 500 species of birds such spotted species includes gorgeous lilac-breasted roller, black-headed Gonolek, heuglin’s robin-chat, ross’s Turaco, crested barbet, red-faced narbet, swamp flycatcher, fork tailed drongo, saddle billed stork, white browed coucal, white faced whistling duck, long crested eagle, African grey hornbill, palm nut vulture, cattle egret, woodland kingfisher, little bee-eater, grey crowned crane, helmeted guinea fowl, marabou stork, bare faced go away bird, goliath heron, spur winged goose, African darter, osprey, long tailed cormorant, pin tailed whydah, red billed fire finch, white backed vultures, grey backed fiscal, common squacco heron, blue cheeked bee-eater, crowned lapwing, eastern grey plantain eater among others.

Nature walks

Nature walks in the park is the offers you a chance to explore the beauty of the park on foot, Akagera national park offers the best nature walks to visitors as has many of astonishing views that offers the best to travelers. While carrying out this rewarding nature walks in the park, you will get a chance to sight some of the stunning vegetation, birds, exciting animals, colorful butterflies as well as some lakes

Sport fishing

Akagera national park offers sport fishing opportunities to visitors while on Rwanda sport fishing safari, sport fishing is the most exciting and rewarding activity for any avid angler to revamp their African wilderness travel experience. This activity is normally done on Lake Shakani where every visitor participating on those activity will get an opportunity to catch different types of fish such as tilapia and catfish among others as well as observing different fishing methods used by the local community among others

Boat cruise

The boat cruises in Akagera national park is the ideal to most visitors while in Rwanda wildlife safaris. Boat cruise in the park is most exciting activity that visitors on Rwanda wildlife safari in Akagera national park shouldn’t miss out. Boat cruises in the park are done on Lake Ihema which is the biggest freshwater lake in the park. The boat cruises in the park are done in the morning and evening hours and both sessions last for 2 hours. The activity gives tourists opportunities of exploring the lake, spot different water animals like hippos, crocodiles, and fish. Visitors in a boat cruise tour will also spot different water bird species such as grey craned cranes, shoebill stork, open billed stork, and also some of the park animals like the antelopes, giraffes, and buffaloes near the shores of the lake and many more.

Why should you visit Akagera National Park
Boat Cruise

Safety of the park

The park is secure enough with security personnel that safeguard the park from poachers and also encroachers who can be a threat to the tourists and wild animals in the park. At the entrance of the park, the security team first checks the tourists for any security threats and after they are then allowed to proceed to the reception area where they are briefed about how the activities in the park should be carried out i.e. the Dos and Don’ts before they participate in any activity. During activities in the park, you are accompanied by the tour guide and armed ranger to avoid any accidents like animal attacks.

Community tours

Community visits are other activities you can participate while in Rwanda wildlife safari in Akagera national park. The activity is done in any of the nearby communities around the park and with this activity, you get opportunities of meeting the local people, watch them do daily activities, be part of ceremonies if any, visit art and craft shops, Humure refuge village, heritage tour as well as the plantation farms, and in the end get entertained by the traditional dancers. During these cultural visits, you have the opportunity to observe and or participate in such as traditional cattle grazing, milking, traditional milk storage in calabashes for preservation, prepare the local food and making local beers.

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