Attractions in Amboseli National Park : Amboseli national park is located in the Southern region of Kenya in Loitoktok district. In addition, it covers a total surface area of about 392 square kilometers lying with the Rift valley province of the country. Amboseli national park was first gazetted as game reserve in 1906, then it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991 and it officially established established as national park in 1974 hence ranking it to be among the oldest game parks in the country. In addition, the best to visit within this park is during the dry season which is between months of November to May when there is less rainfalls received. More so, it is famously known for its large numbers of African elephants and it is a good place to visit while on your Kenya safari because it is dominated by beautiful physical features and has a quiet environment such as; waterbodies such as; Lake Amboseli as to where the park derived its name, acacia woodlands, savannah grasslands, marshlands, rocky thorny bushes, mountains which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species in the park.  In addition, exploring within Amboseli National park blesses you with great opportunities to engage into so many exciting activities such as; bird watching, hot air balloon safaris, hiking, Educational trail, guided nature walks, wildlife game viewing, community visits and cultural encounters and many others.

Tourist Attractions found in Amboseli National park.


Amboseli National park is commonly visited because it is well known for hosting the largest population of African elephants within the country compared to all other national parks. And this park is surrounded with five specific area which act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species such as; savannah vegetation cover, Sulphur spring wetlands, lake Amboseli, open plains and savannah forest among others. and the best way for tourists to sight see these animals in large numbers is when they embark onto game drive activities which gives them chances to go through many parts of the park and it is also the best if they do during months of June to October when the park is dry and they are able to spot so large herds of animals while they cross the sandy plains and keep kick up a lot of dust which creates beautiful scenes for photography. More so, for tourists to capture classic views of the animals they can go to the observation hill or at sinet delta.

Therefore, some of these animals include; giraffes, hippopotamus, cheetahs, Blue wildebeests, buffalos, lions, impalas, cape buffalos, Thomson’s gazelles, spotted hyenas, zebras, leopards, mongoose, hyrax, dik-dik, lesser kudu, wild dogs, nocturnal porcupine and many others.


Amboseli National park is seen as  best birding destinations which hosts about 600 bird species and this national park has around three categories good natural habitats for the birds such as; the swampy region which is the best area for the water birds, Acacia vegetation where the forest birds live and the grassland birds live within savannah plains. Therefore, the birds found within this national park include; Dickinson’s kestrel, African swamp hen, goliath heron, African jacana, Hartlaub’s bustard, rufous chatterer, long-toed lapwing, rufous chatter, spike-heeled lark, pangani longclaw, common redshank, Eurasian thick-knee, greater flamingo, steel-blue whydah, taveta golden weaver, yellow-necked spurfowl, von der decken’s hornbill, white-browed coucal, sperb starling, hamerkop, black headed heron, saddle billed stork, grey crowned crane and many others.

Lake Amboseli.

Lake Amboseli is found within the Northwestern region from the delta occupying the largest portion of the park. more so, it is known as a temporary waterbody hence it dries most of the times during the dry season and filled up during the wet season hence stretching  from the Southern border of Kenya to Tanzania and it is seen as a good natural habitat of many animals such as; elephants. Lake Amboseli National park is also seen as a good camping site where tourists who love camping can always visit.

Attractions in Amboseli National Park
Lake Amboseli

The Masai Culture.

It is also noted that the out skirts of Amboseli National park is dominated by the Maasai people. Therefore, tourists can choose to visit within the Masai villages during their free time where they are always get opportunities to interact with the local people which offers individuals with an authentic African culture whereby they get to learn more about the cultural traditions of the people such as; they learn more about their history through listening attentively from the stories, watch and observe how they live their daily life like; dress code which happens to be similar to that of the Karamojong people in Uganda, how they prepare their local dishes, how they speak their local languages among others. In addition, these local people have a tendency of welcoming their guests with their traditional dance performances and singing their folk songs, which always seem exciting to listen to and watch.

More so, there are attractions within Amboseli national park such as; Mount Kilimanjaro, which is considered as the highest peak in Africa and hiking to the top of this mountain, blesses you with clear of the snowcapped Kilimanjaro peaks and many others.

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