Crater Lakes in Uganda : The history of Crater Lakes in Uganda dates back between 8000 and 10000 years when they formed due to volcanic activity. Unlike other volcanoes that make cones on top of the mountains, the explosion craters emitted lava with ash and rocks spreading them far across the surrounding area hence leaving a large basin. The basins are filled by water making Crater Lakes. These Crater Lakes are magnificent offering breathtaking view and remarkably, they are worth exploring while on Uganda safari. Most of them are distributed in Western Uganda.

Below are the best Crater Lakes in Uganda

Katwe Crater Lake 

Katwe Crater Lake is set at the highest point of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mweya Peninsular, Western Uganda about 5-6 hours’ drive from Kampala capital city. It is one exceptional place to explore Uganda safari in Queen Elizabeth national park. You can incorporate game drives, birding, boat cruise on Kazinga Channel with a visit to Katwe Crater Lake. This explosion Crater Lake has a depth of 996m and being salty, it doesn’t support wildlife. The 27km drive to Katwe Crater Lake rewards visitors with an exceptional view of not only the Crater Lake but also the wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park especially buffaloes, elephants and not to forget the panoramic view over the western rift valley, escarpments, Lake George, Lake Edward, Kazinga Channel, and the Rwenzori Mountain ranges.

Crater Lakes in Uganda
Katwe Crater Lake

Ndali-Kasenda Craters

Set in Fort Portal just close to Kibale forest national park, the Ndali-Kasenda Craters are some of the unique Crater Lakes to explore on Uganda safari tour. These craters extend about 10kms and visitors can embark on 3 hours walk along the crater trail. They are hidden treasures Uganda is gifted with and very few have discovered the magic behind them. The Ndali-Kasenda Crater area is comprised of numerous Crater Lakes including Lake Kifuruka, Lake Nyabikere, Lake Nkuruba, and Nyinambuga and many more.

Bunyaruguru Crater Lake – Crater Lakes in Uganda

This is also famous as the Kichwamba Crater Fields, a magnificent Crater Lake around the Western part of Queen Elizabeth national park, Western Uganda. If your plan is to visit Queen Elizabeth national park for game drive, launch cruise or birding, don’t miss to pay a visit to the Bunyaruguru Crater Lake area. This region features about 20 scenic Crater Lake however, most of them are dry Craters. Nkugute Crater Lake is the most prominent and it is recently created Crater Lake in Rubirizi district. This Crater Lake is named after Runyaruguru word which denotes swallow following myths that it claims the lives of a boy and a girl every year. It formed due to volcanic activity in Bunyaruguru Volcanic Area and this is also evidenced by the Kitagata Hot Springs in Sheema district. Bunyaruguru Crater Field also covers the Twin Lakes of Kamweru and Kyema, Nyungu and Rwizongo, Lake Kamunzuku, Mirambi, and Katinda.

Crater Lakes in Uganda
Bunyaruguru Crater Lake

Kyaninga Crater Lake 

This is one of the Crater Lakes Uganda is gifted with. It is situated around Fort Portal offering a picturesque view of Rwenzori Mountain ranges. This is where Kyaninga Lodge -a luxury safari lodge around Kibale Forest National Park derives its name from. This area is a unique fortis breathtaking view over the magnificent Crater Lake.

In conclusion, Uganda isn’t only about viewing wildlife in the national parks or wildlife reserves but also for you to explore several of the country’s magnificent Crater Lakes. You can combine your safaris in any one of these lakes with other safaris like game viewing, gorilla trekking, nature walks, chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, golden monkey tracking, butterfly watching, hiking or mountaineering to mention but a few.

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