Laka Mburo National Park Activities  : Lake Mburo national park is one of Uganda’s national park located in western region in Kirihura districts and was gazette as a national park in 1933 and later upgraded to a game reserve in 1963. However, the park sounds as a smallest among Uganda’s national park with an area covering 260 square kilometers which is governed by ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority. More so, lake Mburo inhabits variety of wildlife species such as Zebra, Impala, hippos, warthog, common eland, African buffaloes and many predators can be viewed here including hyenas, genets, lions, civets, jackals and serval cats many  more, a great location for birding with over 300 bird species.

Horse back riding in Lake Mburo

Below are the outstanding activities done in Lake Mburo national park;

Safari Game drive

The park is a home of the diversity of mammal species where a traveler can take a game drive and also have a spectacular view at the bottom of Kazuma look-out and walk up to the top and view across the plains is breathtaking. Wildlife to see include; zebras, topi, warthogs, waterbuck, impala and you will also spot the shy eland among others.

You’re recommended to use 4×4 wheel drive with pop roof  for clear viewing of animals and beautiful nature.

Laka Mburo National Park Activities
Game Drives in Lake Mburo,

Night Game Drives

Lake Mburo national park is among the few parks that offers night game drive where you can be able to adventure nocturnal mammals such as genet cats, bush pigs and white-tailed mongoose these species are very active during the dark hours, which is the best time to have gainful sight of these elusive creatures.

The best chances of exploring leopards and spotted hyenas are during the night game drive. The activity is best done with a strong spotlight, an unusual twist on your regular Uganda.

Cultural Encounter

While on visit to lake Mburo, you can take great encounter to traditional Bahima homestead to learn about their culture traditions and their amazing way of life. Engaging in cultural encounter you can be able to learn about the Ankole long horned cows with an opportunity to try your hand at milking, learn how to process the ghee-making, taste milk many more.

Still, you can experience a nature walk to rubanga forest where you can be able to view wildlife and livestock mingle together, visit the homestead of the local communities around.

Mountain bikes –Biking Safari

You can take a ride to nearby fishing villages and encounter how the people live. You can also bike ride across grassing land where wildlife and livestock can mingle together as well as visiting homestead.

The park has interesting trails every suitable for a gentle family to ride out through taking in the wildlife all around, but there is lot to explore for the more extreme riders, Laka Mburo National Park Activities .

You can choose to drive off the larger roads to narrow animal’s paths very rewarding.

Laka Mburo National Park Activities
Mountain bikes

Horseback Safaris

This is a private activity booked at Mihingo Lodge which is done with a guide at the lodge. Horseback riding is a peaceful experience and totally a wind blowing activity when compared to game drive. You have unique experience of enjoying the scenic nature where you can be able to ride close to zebras, impalas, and be able to check out their beautiful stripes and discovering more about the hidden treasures of the park. You will ride close to eland which is usually bashful look, just need to stop a horse to view them though keep their distance.

The more you enjoy the ride you often get high chances to explore the more timid animals. If you’re lucky, you might come across this shy leopard.

Birding in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park is among Uganda’s best birding areas which can be done on foot including walking on a platform near saltlick and forest. Some of bird species to encounter include; Grey-crowned crane, Brown-chested lapwing, Rufous-bellied Heron, Grey-crowned crane, Coqui Francolin, Black-bellied Bustard many more. Birds to see around swampy valley and Rubanga forest they includes; Red headed lover, Brown parrot, Yellow-breasted Apalis, Long tailed Cist cola. Nubian woodpecker, Blue breasted kingfisher, Shrike, red shouldered Cuckoo, Red faced barbet, shoe bill, papyrus gonolek, Mosquito swallow among others.

Best Time to Visit -; Lake Mburo national park can be visited all year round, but the best time to enjoy the jungle through encountering in different activities. Best time starts from the month of June to September and December to February.

What to pack with you on safari to Lake Mburo National Park.

These are the essentials to carry with you on Uganda safari which includes; Insect repellent, warm clothes, enough mineral water bottle, hat, you must health, comfortable shoes, water proof bags among others

Where to Stay

Lake Mburo national park has comfortable lodge with good amenities that ranges from budget, Mid-range and Luxury.

Eagle’s Nest Lodge –Budget

Arcadia Cottages –Mid range

Mihingo Lodge –Luxury.

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