Rhino tracking vs lion tracking in Uganda: Well, they are both tracking experiences so gear up to track, track and track. Uganda is gifted with numerous wildlife species including the famous big five animals which are the lions, rhinos, buffaloes, elephants ad leopards. But also other savannah animals like zebras, giraffes, hippos, antelopes, kobs, impalas, cheetahs, topis, etc plus famous primate species mountain gorillas, chimpanzee, baboons, golden monkeys among others. All these animals apart from the primates are found in the savannah parks that include: – queen Elizabeth national park, kidepo national park, lake mburo national park, Murchison falls national park, mt Rwenzori national park, semiliki national park, mt elgon national park and others.

Ziwa Rhino Sancturay

Travellers who visit the savannah parks are delighted at the game drives that take them through the park to see and enjoy all the park animals; seeing them in their day to day business. And the game drives are usually done in safari vehicle that takes you through the park with a guide showing you all the different things about the park.

However in the past ten year, in savannah safaris there has been an introduction of the word tracking in savannah mammals especially for the tree climbing lions and the rhinos. This is basically animal viewing with the aid of a track that helps you identify the particular location of the animal and then you go to them.

This tracking as stated is majorly done for rhinos because they stay alone in an enclosed facility for their protection from poachers; this enclosed  facility is made in such a way to look exactly the rhino’s suitable wild environment which is comfortable for the rhinos but they can easily hide in the habitat hence need for a trackers.

The rhinos also like to cover themselves I mud, if you are not keen they you may mistake them for a mud pile, hence the tracker helps to identify them.  The rhinos are also quite few compared to other species in the wild so the trackers helps  in monitoring them and making sure they are staying alive and safe. Rhinos in Uganda are found in the ziwa rhino sanctuary.

Rhino tracking vs lion tracking in Uganda

The other savannah animals tracked are the tree climbing lions because of the their tree climbing skills, they are elusive and hard to see on an ordinary game drive through the park, so the tracker helps you spot the lions out in the trees. The tree climbing lions are found in Queen Elizabeth national park in the ishasha sector.

So what makes these tracking experiences similar or different?

Well, there is not much to compare but as stated above, they are both tracking experiences; one tracks the rhinos in Ziwa rhino sanctuary and the other tracks lions in Queen Elizabeth’s ishasha sector.

The rhino tracking is booked way in advance, like at least a week or two before you visit the sanctuary because the sanctuary, has a particular operation schedule that doesn’t allow spontaneity, everything has be planned way ahead.

Lion tracking on the other hand can be booked a day or two before; a lot of people who visit the park always want to track the lions so there are always guides ready to take you tracking. The only issue is because of the popularity of the tracking experience, sometimes the guides are fully booked so you may miss out but it doesn’t occur always.

On a rhino tracking experience the other additional activities you get to do in the sanctuary is nature walks and bird watching well as on the lion tracking experience you get to do many more other activities like game drives to see other animals, boat rides, bird watching, nature walks, primate sighting in the kyambura gorge among other things.

The tracking experiences have different costs attached to them, we advise you consult your tour consultant for more information.

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