Uganda Safari Fastest Land Mammal – Cheetah & Lion Among World’s 5 Faster Land Mammal

Uganda Safari fastest land mammal /World’s 5 Fastest Species; Uganda the pearl of Africa one of the East African Countries, Uganda is a blessed country with diversity of wild animals which can be adventured in its ten different national parks. Among these there are big five cats which are Lion, Elephant, Buffalos, Leopard and white rhinoceros. On Uganda safari the fastest land mammal   to be adventured are the cheetah and lions among the world’s 5 fastest land animal. The easiest way to spot these popular existing fastest land mammals in Uganda face to face book a safari to Uganda wildlife safari on game drive.

Below are the 5 of the world’s fastest land animals and their location to be adventured on safari /Uganda Safaris


The top fastest land mammals are the cheetah which is recorded to have the highest speed of over 120 kilometers and runs 75 miles per hour. Though, they mainly live in Africa and some regions within the Middle East. This popular species is the only animal among the big cat’s family that has non-re-tractable claws and pads which their nature does not allow the animals to grip. That’s the reason why cheetahs can’t climb vertical trees but can climb to lower branches on a tree.

Uganda Safari Fastest Land Mammal

Above all, cheetah is the land animal that has attained without a doubt of fastest speed among all animal existing in the world as the latest record shows that it has top speed of 120 kilometers per hour or covers 75 miles per hours in short maximum distance of 500 meters. What looks unique to this specie is the accelerate from 0 to more than 100 kilometers per hour in just three seconds, something worth that these rare animals can only sprint so fast for just a couple of shoves. Therefore, it has to be in close proximity to its prey before running faster and scaring its unsuspected prey.

The cheetah has smaller body compared to most savannah predators and they try as much as possible to avoid any fights especially with fellow predators such as the lion.

In Uganda ‘’cheetah’’ can be adventured in Kidepo Valley National Park located in northeastern Uganda.

Pronghorn Antelope

This specie is listed as the number second fastest land mammal with a recorded speed of 86 kilometers ‘’61 miles per hours.

The pronghorn antelope is savannah specie that was recorded with a speed that reaches a maximum of 86 kilometers ‘’61 miles per hour thus rewarding it to be the second fastest land animal on earth. They have the ability of running half that speed for every long distances and their name was got from their big horns which bend forward.

The exceptional speed has truly enabled this specie to escape the attacks from their predators through running away.

The pronghorn antelopes are easily adventured in Alberta and southern Saskatchewan within Canada, Mexico and other states found in the United States.


The wildebeest is third recorded world’s fastest land mammal with a top speed of 50 miles per hour. They are a hoofed mammal and an antelope species   that belongs to the family of connochaetes genus. Their name is from Dutch origin which means wild beast or in Afrikaans beast means cattle.


Despite their largest size with an average weight of 475 pounds, and they can run at a top speed of up to 50 miles per hour. The main predators include; Cheetahs, crocodiles and hyenas.

They can be seen in Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

Thomson’s Gazelle

The Thomson’s Gazelle is recorded as the forth number on the list of the five world’s fastest land mammal with to speed of 50 miles per hours.  They were named after Joseph Thomson one of the early explorers and can sprint as fast as 50 miles per hours.

They look beautiful   in their coats covered with white far below the belly, the midsection is black and their top bodies is covered with brown far.

They have a life span of 15 years.


This specie is the number 5 among the list of the recorded fastest land mammals with the top speed of 50 miles per hour. The lion specie is also listed among the 4 big cats within genus panther and one of the members of the Felidae family. The male specie can grow to a weight of 250 kilograms and this is the second wild cat after the tigers.

Research shows that wild lion can be seen within Sub-Saharan –Africa and on the Asia.

Facts about lions, can run at fast speed of up to 50 kilometers which gives them a great adventure over their prey.

They have a life span of 14 years.

Uganda Safari Fastest Land Mammal

In Uganda, lions can be seen in seven national parks apart from the other three national park –Mgahinga Gorilla and Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park both home for great primates known as mountain gorillas and Lake Mburo National park a home popular for a variety of antelopes.

However, Uganda is blessed with two out of the five world’s fastest land mammals that are Cheetah and Lions, to see competes with other African big five Animals that earns itself a great rank on the African Big animals list without doubt.

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