Uganda Safari

Safari Uganda is one of the best wildlife experiences in the most hospitable and unique Pearl of Africa. Safari Uganda can start from Entebbe international airport or the Kigali international part of Rwanda. It is mostly advisable to use the local tour operators if one wants to get the best value of money during your safari in Uganda. Uganda was nicknamed “Pearl of Africa” by Churchill after discovering the unspoiled unique scenic view of the country is gifted with. Uganda is a home of the rare endangered primate species like Mountain Gorillas, bushbabies, Uganda Magbay monkey and others not forgetting the rare tree-climbing lions found in Ishasha.

Uganda Safari

Voted several times among the top tourist destinations not only in East Africa but the entire world. According to the latest ranking from prominent bloggers like the National Geographic Travelers’ Cool list, it was ranked 4th tourism destination in Africa and the top 16 in the world. Uganda Safari has gained popularity after recovering from the dark days of Idi Amin. Now tourism statistics are stable at high increasing speed. The tourists’ number is increasing annually at a steady rate. 

Uganda Safari can be short with a great experience like taking 3 days Gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi, 1-day Lake Mburo safari, 2 or 3 days Murchison falls safari, 2 or 3 days Queen Elizabeth national park safari and many. One can also choose to do long itineraries like 7 days Uganda safari, 8-day gorilla trekking safari, 14 days Uganda birding safari mention but a few as highlighted on our package list. The great work is done by the Ugandan government through the Uganda wildlife Authority to promote and conservative the environment has given a good room for the growth of wildlife. For example, Uganda has registered an increasing number of Gorillas in Bwindi which has lead to the creation of more Gorilla families hence the increased number of gorilla permits sold per day. Rangers has dealt away with the poaching in most of the national park with this year one of our rangers was voted the best ranger in the whole world after good work done in combating poaching out of Murchison falls national park

Uganda Safari takes you to the classic scenery of Uganda which is favored by the climatic conditions. Uganda receives two rainy seasons with the first ones which start from March to May being the longest while the second ones start from November and they are short. The rainy partner of the country makes it good to be visited throughout the year including the rainy season. The attractiveness and great hospitality of the Ugandan people have given fertile ground for the development of tourism in Uganda.

A Uganda Safari gives you a chance to do one or many activities in Uganda depending on the time you have or you have planned to spend in Uganda. The key activities that one can do during his Safari Uganda are: Gorilla trekking which is done in Bwindi and Mgahinga national park, Chimpanzee trekking is done in Kibale forest, Queen and Murchison falls, Boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls and Lake Mburu, Game viewing, birding, Adventure along the Source of the Nile and many more activities.   

Uganda Safari

Uganda is a wealthy country as far as wildlife is concerned with 10 national parks that are found across the country. The best wildlife experience in our safari Uganda is achieved by visiting more than one park.  Are you planning to have your Safari Uganda? Selecting the best tour operator is the key. The reputable tour operators always give enough detailed information before your trip and this helps you to clear view of your expectations for your forthcoming Safari Uganda. Uganda is one of the virgin tourist destinations that gives a good deal of private safaris since the tourist’s destinations are not crowded compared to more famous African destinations like Serengeti national park. 

Why choose Uganda for your Safari?

Uganda is one of the complete tourism destinations with a mixture of all kinds of wildlife and bird. The ever green country is still remote and less exploited by tourists hence making it still an untapped market. We have over 70 species of animals and over 1000 bird species that are found across all the 10 national parks in the country. 

Uganda has a record of the best friendly country in Africa with welcoming people always. The country is made up of more than 50 local tribes with 9 of the tribes being indigenous tribes. The country is linguistic whereby the driver guides of all the important languages of the world are available like French, English, Germans, Spanish, Chinese and many more hence making guests feel at home.

Security: The country is the most stable country not only in East Africa but entire Africa. This has positively impacted the growth of tourism in Uganda. Like any other experience, Safari Uganda has been mostly influenced by the stable security across the country. One can access the furthest and remote national park that is Kidepo valley and experience the true African wildlife with no Fears.    

Good Accommodation: All parks have all the 3 categories of accommodation that is Budget, Mid-range, and luxury. The guest can choose any standard depending on his or her budget and this has made it a great deal for Safari Uganda to accommodate all categories of guests. The accommodations provide excellent food and services to the guests irrespective of the standard.

Uganda Safari
Uganda Safari

Uganda Safari companies

To get the best of Uganda one has to choose the best safari in Uganda experience. Reputable operators are those listed as members of the sound country tourism Association like the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, Registered under the Ministry of Tourism and antiquities and others. You should also check on the reviews of other travelers who have ever used that operator on different travel forums like trip advisor, safari bookings and others.

Uganda Safari is a dream come true for all the nature lovers who hopes to travel and discover the secretes of the world.  Uganda is one of the top destinations come 2020 with a wide range of activities to choose from like Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, boat cruise, white water rafting, game viewing, cultural tours and others.

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