Safari Nyungwe National Park: As sightseers, there are numerous attractions that one may wish to explore and one of the top most visited destinations in East Africa is the Republic of Rwanda, It is known that Rwanda is filled up with various attractions that cannot be explored in just a day visit.

Safari Nyungwe National Park

One of the most thrilling destinations to thrill at and also dive deep into the beauty of nature given out by mother nature in Rwanda is none other than the great Nyungwe National Park.

Nyungwe National Park is located in the southwest of Rwanda on the border with Burundi in the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West on the shores of Lake Kivu.

Nyungwe National Park is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa, covering 1,019 km2 of dense Afromontane forests, bamboo-covered slopes, grasslands, and wetlands.

This makes the national park a very famous national park in the Republic of Rwanda, history has it that Nyungwe National Park has been in existence since 1903, and in 2004 it was then declared a National Park.

The national park’s beauty attracts a variety of sightseers to come and explore it at length as it is the national park is ranked as the best destination I Rwanda to have a primate safari from and this is because the national park is home to 13 primate species, including the famous chimpanzees, which are the highlight of any visit to Nyungwe national park.

While on a primate safari into the adorable Nyungwe National Park sightseers get the chance to sightsee numerous chimpanzees through activities such as Chimpanzee trekking is one of the most popular activities in the park, and visitors can expect to encounter these outstanding creatures in their natural habitat.

Nyungwe National Park is also home to the largest troop of black and white Colobus monkeys which can be spotted as they jump from one tree to the other and as well picking fruits from the trees in the forests making the forest look so marvelous.

Aside from the large number of primates in the national park, other wildlife species can be spotted while on a wildlife safari in the electrifying Nyungwe National Park.

The national park is also home to species such as; duikers, golden cats, Klipspringer, impalas, Bushbucks, Buffaloes, Elephants, Bush pigs, Gant forest hog, Blotched serval, Carnival genet, Congo clawless, Mongoose, otter, serval, feils, black-fronted duiker, western tree hyrax, and many more.

When it comes to bird lovers the national park is also home to over 300 bird species, including the Albertine Rift endemic species these can be experienced while on a birding adventure into the national.

While exploring the great Nyungwe National Park sightseers can get to be involved in numerous safari activities that can be carried out in the national park. Here are some of the most excellent safari activities that sightseers can get to enjoy.

Safari activities in Nyungwe National Park.

Bird watching

As earlier mentioned, Nyungwe National Park is home to over 300 bird species that are found in the national park perimeters that all bird lovers can get to witness and some of these include; Rockefeller’s sunbird, Chapin’s flycatcher, red collared mountain babbler, Rwenzori Turaco, white-tailed flycatcher, Rwenzori batis, Rwenzori night jar, Rwenzori hill babler, Congo bay owlet, mountain sooty boubu and many more.

Chimpanzee trekking

This is known as the most sought safari activity in the national park and all sightseers that go to have a safari activity in the national park would surely want to have a glance at the chimps in the national park, as mentioned above the park is home to over 13 primate species in the perimeter hence it is very easy to at least some of 4 of these on a chimpanzee trekking safari in the national park.

Safari Nyungwe National Park
chimpanzee in Nyungwe National Park

Forest Nature Walks 

Nyungwe National Park is made up of super dense forests which are excellent to trail within as you get to learn more about the national park sightseers get the opportunity to sight various tree species in the forest and numerous flower species, a variety of butterfly species, birds and wildlife while on a forest nature walk in the national park.


When it comes to hiking within the electrifying Nyungwe National Park sightseers have numerous hiking paths to take as they venture the national park, as the national park is known for its unique landscapes, and various hiking destinations which include; include Muzimu trail, Imbaraga trail, Ngabwe trail, Karamba birding trail, Igishigishigi trail, Rukuzi trail, Isumo waterfall trail, Kamiranzovu marsh trail, Bigugu trail, Irebero trail, Umoyove trail, Congo Nile trail and many more.

Beyond the above-mentioned safari activities in the national park, other safari activities can be carried out in the magnificent Nyungwe national park and some of these include; Canopy walk Vegetation tours primates trekking, Community encounters, and Cultural Experiences.

How to get to Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park is located in the capital city of Rwanda which is Kigali, and sightseers can have a 6 hours drive from Kigali International Airport into the metropolitan of Rwanda to be able to go and have a thrilling adventure through the marvel Nyungwe National Park.

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