Budget Uganda Safari

Budget Uganda Safari is one of those Uganda tour packages that travelers who are not looking at spending a lot of money and have a small budget can go for. Travel experience is one of the most expensive ventures in life but in our packages, we make your travel budget more pocket-friendly. You do not need to break the bank inorder to travel to Uganda if using us. We give more discounted rates to our guests as we do all the Donkey work of preparation of the safari package for our guests. We have group tours that make you join and cut the costs of your safari. We also provided family discounted costs that make us the best family safari operators in Uganda. Do you have a dream of a safari in any of the East African countries (Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya) we make you covered? 

Budget Uganda Safari

Our packages are more pocket-friendly as we have our own fleet of cars, permanently employed driver guides and great partnership deals with all the lodges we use. These make all our Tour packages very cost-effective. They are budget in the cost but luxury in wildlife experience. Select our wide range of packages and get in touch with our 24 live tour consultants that answer all inquiries in time. We join our potential guests from the period of planning to the final day of the safari. This gives our guests not to stress more during the planning period, we advise them according to their budget. 

Our budget Uganda safaris are all-inclusive packages that cover all the activities that are included in the safari. We have both long budget Uganda Safaris and Short Uganda budget safaris. The long Budget safaris include 7 days Budget Uganda safari, 10 days Budget Uganda safari, 21 Days Uganda Budget safari. Our short Budget Uganda safaris include 3 days budget Uganda safari, 3 days Murchison falls safaris and many more. There are several factors that determine the cost of budget Uganda safari.

The inclusive in the Budget Uganda safari are the key factors that determine the costs of the safari. Below are the highlights of the budget Uganda safari

Lodging: This is one of the key factors that determine mostly the cost of every safari in any part of the country. There are three levels of lodging that are found in all tourism destinations are Budget lodges, Mid-range and luxury accommodations.  We are more unique in that we have signed contracts with all the lodges we used and negotiated rates on behalf of our guests these makes our rates to be low compared to others.

Encounter the best of the wildlife at their natural habitats while staying in the fresh bush with our lodges that are located inside the parks. The selected lodges give you a great experience in the comfort of your stay. Hear the calls of birds, see animals moving around the lodge as you enjoy viewing them the balcony. Do not over thing our detailed guide in accommodation in all national parks of East Africa give you more detailed information and facilities that are found in each lodge we select.

Transportation: We have a long fleet of safaris cars that are well maintained in very excellent mechanical conditions. All our cars are 4×4 wheel drive safari cars with a pop-up roof that makes guests convenient during game drive drives. With our own cars that are driven by permanently employed driver guides are always taken for refreshment courses for father addition of information. Our guides are experienced and have worked in the tourism industry for a long time making them give the guests beyond their expectations. The availability of company safari vehicles has made it easy for us to share the transportation costs with guests hence making it possible for solo travellers to enjoy budget Uganda safari at the best affordable rates. The transportation costs always include fuel, car hire, Car entry fees, and driver-guide. At normal costs, car hire starts from a minimum of 50$ per day excluding fuel and driver-guide to 200$ per day depending on the car and where you’re getting it from. This directly affects the price of the safari making the solo packages always costlier compared to group safaris due to shared costs. This is different from our company who have our own cars used for safaris 

Park entry fees: To enter all protected areas of any tourism destination like Uganda traveler has to pay park entry fees. The park entry fees are paid per individuals and expire in 24 hours while some parks the park entry fees expire as soon as your done with an activity. Park entry fees in Uganda differ according to the class of the protected area. For all Category A national park that includes: Murchison falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo national park the park entry fee is 40 USD per person. While Category B national park which includes Mt Rwenzori, Semuliki, Mt Elgon, Katonga and others they park entry fee is 35USD.

Park entry fees contribute directly to the cost of a Uganda safari, they are not negotiable fees but a must paid for the conservation of nature through the government of Uganda. After paying the park entry fees all government park activities are included on that amount paid like game drives, birding or nature walks, and others. It will only exclude some private activities that are run in the park like a boat cruise, hike to the top of the falls, Lion tracking, balloon safaris, and others.

Activity fees: These are paid activities that are included in our Budget Uganda safaris. In Uganda, there are separately paid activities like Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, Gorilla habituation, Chimpanzee habituation, Boat cruise, lion tracking, balloon safaris, and others. For one to do any of the above activities you have to pay in advance. One has to secure Gorilla permits in order to do Gorilla trekking. A gorilla trekking permit is currently at 600usd though by July 2020 the gorilla permit will be 700USD. Due to conservation measures of these endangered species government has made it clear that only 8 guests are allowed to trek gorilla family per day hence there are only 8 gorilla permits available for sale daily per gorilla family. This makes the Gorilla permits more competitive and one has to book in advance if you want to do Gorilla trekking.  

Budget Uganda Safari
Budget Uganda Safari

In our budget Uganda safaris, your worries about the Uganda wildlife experience is sorted, contact our consultant team and get the best safari packages with a pocket-friendly cost. You do not need to break the bank in order to achieve your dream tour but only to select the best tour operator who will give you detailed information.

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