National Parks in Uganda (Wildlife Tourism in Uganda)

National Parks in Uganda: Wildlife is protected in the national parks in Uganda and there are 10 national parks that offer different and unique tourist attractions. These national parks National Parks in Uganda: Wildlife is protected in the national parks in Uganda and there are 10 national parks that offer different and unique tourist attractions. These national parks are some of the top 10 tourist destinations in East Africa that tourists should not miss out on during their East African safari particularly Uganda tour/safari as explained below.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: Tourists carrying out a Queen Elizabeth national park tour will have a chance to see a number of tourist attractions that will make a tourist’s Uganda tour memorable. Among the different attractions that can be seen in the park include; four of the big five animals that is the elephants, buffalos, lions and the leopard, the tree-climbing lions are the most fascinating attractions that tourists will come across because it is not in the nature of the lions to climb trees. Primate species can also be seen in the Kyambura gorge where the primate species like the black and white colobus monkeys can be seen, chimpanzees; it is in the gorge that chimpanzee trekking can be carried out and also activities in other areas of Queen Elizabeth National Park can be carried out for example game drives, lion tracking, boat cruise, birding, and so many others.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: For tourists interested in Uganda gorilla tours, Bwindi impenetrable national park is the place to be with 18 habituated gorilla families, which are dispersed in different sectors of the park that is Nkuringo sector, Rushaga sector, Buhoma sector and Ruhija sector with each sector having different gorilla families in Uganda which enables different tourists interested in carrying out gorilla trekking in Uganda to participate in the activity. The park is also a home to an amazing indigenous group of people that are called the Batwa who have distinct behaviour as compared to other groups of people in the country the Batwa are forest people who survive on hunting and collecting fruit once the tourists embark on the Batwa trail they will be able to engage with them and understand their behavior which is quite interesting to watch. Other attractions in the park include the forest which is a habitat to numerous bird species and so much more.

Kibale National Park: For any tourist interested in carrying out a Safari Uganda tour, he should consider visiting Kibale national park in order to have the ultimate primate experience. The park is the primate hub among all the parks in Uganda and East Africa at large. Visiting Kibale national park will give tourists the chance to see different primate species like the chimpanzees which are over 1000 in number, and with the chimpanzees tourists can go chimpanzee trekking and chimpanzee habituation which is an interesting activity that involves tourists participating in the training of the primates to get accustomed to human beings and it should be noted that chimpanzees habituation is only carried out in Kibale national park in East Africa. Other activities that can be carried out include nature walks, bush crafts for children aged 15 years and below, birding in the Bigodi wetland sanctuary. By carrying out a Kibale national park tour, tourists will have the greatest time while on their Uganda tour.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park: Mgahinga gorilla national park will offer the utmost tourism adventure to the tourists interested in adventure tourism. The park offers the ultimate gorilla experience with the Nyakagezi gorilla group that can be trekked all year throughout. The park is also home to the golden monkey and endangered monkey species that can be found in the bamboo trees of the Virunga mountains in the park. In the bamboo trees, other monkey species like the black and white colobus monkeys can be seen and a number of bird species that use the bamboo trees as spots to put up their nests. Activities that can be carried out in Mgahinga National park include; gorilla trekking, hiking 3 of the 8 Virunga mountains that is Mountain Muhabura, Mount Gahinga, and Mount sabyinyo. Batwa trail experience where they are able to see the Batwa people and how they live within the small communities in the forest.

Kidepo Valley National Park: Kidepo National Park is yet another medley of wonders being the only national park in Uganda where you can find the amazing cheeters and large herds of cattle blended with the unique Ostrich birds. Game Drives are common in this park and you will see animals like Lions, elephants, zebras and many others. A visit to Kidepo National Park while on your Safari Uganda Tour will be a highlight of a lifetime. Kidepo National Park is located in the northern part of Uganda and is sort of an isolated national park in that if one wanted to go by road, they would hve to drive for 2 days to get there in good shape to do the activities. Your Safari Uganda tour can be blended with other trips along the way like sipi falls hike or Bakers fort tour in Gulu or a stopover at Murchison falls and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Some travelers who like to do Kidepo only and can afford to fly to Kidepo use Chattered flights. It is such an amazing experience.

Murchison Falls National Park: While carrying out the Safaris Uganda tour, tourists will have a chance to see Uganda’s biggest national park. Carrying out the Murchison falls national park tour will give tourists opportunities to visit numerous attractions and participate in a number of activities like top of the falls hike, boat cruises on the upper and the bottom of the falls which is quite exhilarating, game drives where a number of animals can be seen in the grass plains grazing; like the zebras, Uganda kobs, elephants, buffalos and a number of other animals.

Nocturnal animals can be seen during the night game drives which can be rewarding because tourists can even witness how they hunt for their prey which is quite difficult to see in the day game drives. These animals include the lions, leopards, hyena and so many others. On the way to Murchison falls national park, tourists can visit the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary where the endangered white rhinos can be tracked in Uganda.

Mount Rwenzori national park: For adventure tourists, mountain Elgon national park is the adventure spot to carry out and engage in adventure activities. The park is home to the mountain Rwenzori the only snow-capped mountain in Uganda and the highest mountain in the country. Tourists can carry out mountain biking on the slopes of the mountain which is only available for professionals only because it is such a risky activity though fun. Hiking can also be carried out where tourists can climb up to the summit of the mountain where they are able to see a number of features including the snow covering the summits, hiking on mountain Rwenzori can be carried out through the different trails that is kilembe trail, Mubuku River Trail and many more.

Mount Elgon national park: just like mount Rwenzori, Mount Elgon will offer an amazing experience for adventure tourists, for instance, they can climb mount Elgon which is quite an adventure, the slopes of the mountains are filled with coffee plantations, bird species, different activities can be carried out for instance Hiking, Biking Abseiling, Climbing Nature Walks, Birding, Caving, Waterfalls, Hot-Springs, Ancient Rock Paintings, plus Cultural Interactions. 


Semliki national park: The park is a birder destination with about 400 bird species which can attract tourists interested in carrying out birding. Some of the bird species that attract the tourist include Western bronze-napped pigeon, yellow-throated cuckoo, piping hornbill, red-sided broadbill, Xavier’s greenbul, capuchin babbler, a yellow long bill, blue-headed flycatcher, red-billed helmet-shrike, crested malimbe, pale fronted ant pecker, and Chestnut-breasted negro-finch among others. Tourists on their Uganda tour can also see a number of animal species that can attract tourists during game drives for example; tourists can also see the Sempaya hot springs which are believed to be of traditional importance, for example, it is believed that the water from the hot springs can heal diseases like ringworm, bareness, and impotence can also be cured and so on.

 Other attractions that can be seen in Semuliki National Park activities include the Batwa trail experience where tourists can visit the Batwa people and understand their interesting nature of living in the forest and surviving on only forest products.  For tourists in the park, when they embark on the red tail monkey trail to the Semliki River, a number of red tailed monkeys will be seen and also other different monkey species as well as crocodiles, buffalos and the elephants.

Lake Mburo national park: Lake Mburo National Park is an important national park in Uganda which can satisfy the desires of the tourists as they participate in the different activities that they can participate in to make their experience worthy while in the park some of the activities that they can participate in include birding, horseback riding as you see the different animal species, tourists can participate in forest walks where they can see the different bird species other activities may include boat trips, fishing in lake Mburo where visitors can spend some time catching fish which is an exciting adventure for the tourists.

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